Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Random Pics of our month long trip

The kids had a blast at the Children's Museum. K is interested in science and had been begging to go to one of these things for months. My fav. quote from K during this trip is the following: Mom, there are three things I want to be, a scientist, a prophet, and a missionary. I had one of those proud mom moments.

This is A's first time taking a bath in the bathtub. I probably won't do it again for a long time. I don't want him to pick up the bad habit of screaming while getting his hair washed like the other two babies do. A doesn't do it, and I'm planning on keeping it that way. I'm going to lose my hearing from the annoying screams.
This picture is of the kids sleeping on the airplane ride to VA. They did pretty well. They watched cartoons until I said lights out. A had a hard time finding a comfortable position. After he finally fell asleep I put him face down on my lap. On our trip home, I put him on a blanket on the floor. Kind of creepy but we had tons of room being on the first row and it was on the only way he could sleep. L had a hard time but after an hour of tossing, turning, and crying, he finally fell asleep. K did awesome.
The kids had a blast with the puppies. It was fun seeing them grow so much!!!! I fell in love with the baby and she was the first to be bought. It was a sad day for me. Setsuko does a great job with these pups and wishes she could be a vet. I say do it but for now her goal is to become a manager at the hotel.
The boys were soooooooooo happy to see their daddy on Christmas day. It had been over 20 days. L kept calling him Bobby and told him to go away several times. It was sad but after waking up some more he realized it really was dad.
It was a game to try to pull the toy away from Toby. Toby was a hoot. By the time we left he had eaten a huge candy bar which ruined Bobby's Christmas, two apples, something bright yellow, and everything that hit the ground while the kids ate.

Virginia Beach in December

The kids had a blast playing at the beach last week.

Eight Months Old

These pictures were taken on Virginia Beach last week. This precious munch kin can now pull himself up to standing position, which he loves to do. He learned to sit up on his own last month and just today crawled on his hands and knees. On Christmas day he clapped his hands for the first time while we were playing Cranium. He'll clap his hands if you ask him to and with his pointer finger, touch your nose. We're head over heals in love with this kid.