Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Updates

The boys have started up T ball. Today was L's first real game. They had a couple practices and we missed the first game last week since we were in Jackson Hole.

He had so much fun. We had a really busy and fun day and this kid was so happy at the end of it all. He was so pleasant and calm.

This is so typical. I wish I had pictures of the kids climbing the fence while waiting for their turn to hit, or of him sitting on the grass in the out field and even covering his face with his glove to see through it. I remember doing so many of the same things as a kid.

I'm so pleased that kids have stuff like this to do and am thankful for parents who are so dedicated to their kids that these things work out.

The previous owners of our home planted many of these. So pretty.

I'm so happy spring is here. After a long, cold winter I look forward to the warmth, the green grass, and even yard work. I'm always tired and injured after working in the yard. But I really, really enjoy doing it. It's different than the mundane housework. It's outside and fresh. And I think it's rewarding.

We've been reading a lot lately. For having such busy, active little boys it ALWAYS amazes me when we sit down to read and everyone stops moving and for a LONG, long time. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. It gives me relief as well to know that they do have an attention span.

We usually take the kid's bikes/scooters up to Jackson Hole when we go. This time A was able to ride his new birthday bike. It was so much fun. He loves being one of the big boys. Jackson has amazing walk ways for this. I love seeing the bikers, runners and fishermen out in rivers. Everyone says Hi and smiles. I also enjoy getting away from our routine and busy schedule. Sometimes I miss not having to be anywhere, like the good old days when the boys were not in school. This time around I felt sort of guilty. We had to switch up the week since the school had testing for 1st graders and I didn't want K to miss that. We left in a hurry without giving anyone a heads up. I almost felt like I was going to get in trouble for ditching.

Hanging out at the condo. One of these teeny, tiny condos goes for over $400,000. Ouch. One bedroom, one bath.

And after missing for a couple of days, Chewie our hamster finally decides to show up. I was actually relieved and even felt sorry for him. Our hyper active pet isn't as hyper anymore. He's slowly getting better but he's just not the same. I really thought we had lost him for good. After cleaning out it's cage, giving him food, and a bath he's back in the house instead of the garage for now. I'm hoping he runs on his wheel soon or I'm going to be worried. Me of all people, worried about the rat. Can you believe that?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Half Big Boy, Half Baby

This big boy just had a birthday.

He's just upstairs sleeping and I miss him.

He has been such a fun and sweet little boy.

And now he's old enough to drive the jeep. Sniff, sniff. And although he's enjoying all the things he can do now and really pushing his independence, he tells me he doesn't want to grow up because he knows how I really want him to be a baby for a little while longer.

This is my sad attempt at keeping him a baby and that is to make him put on some baby clothes. All three wore this at around 9 months old.

I think this outfit is for a 12- 18 month old. Again, all three boys wore it.

Then brothers got in on the action. The frog costume that all three wore their first Halloween.

This little jacket was given to us at a baby shower when I was pregnant with K. Still holding strong (thanks Dibbs!)

And as much as we all hate Chuck E Cheese, every kid has to experience it. He loved it. They all did. And it really wasn't all that bad.

Is this the only kid in the world who doesn't like pizza and would rather dip his finger in straight butter and eat that instead? geesh.

The final goods.....cotton candy and a little lunch pail.

And this is why I call/called all of them Half Big Boy, Half Baby when they got to this age. Ahhh, now I'm in the mood to go snuggle.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life and Death

We try to clean Darth's fish bowl often since it becomes green rather quickly. I was working on getting him back into the bowl when I accidentally dropped him into the sink. It immediately goes down the disposal.

I put my hand down there and couldn't feel it. Then I did what I always do when I'm in a bind....I try and find Chris. I in a panic told him what happened, but didn't get the reply I was looking for. It went something like....."My hand's too big to fit down there. It's a goner. Turn on the disposal. Make it a quick death." aghh

I was running out of time. I put my hand in again and freaked out when I felt something slimy and disgusting. I just didn't know if I could do it. EEww, gross. Putting my hand in the nasty disposal is something I try to avoid at all costs knowing what things could be festering down there. And now with a slimy, gross creature needing to be rescued, I was grossed out even more.

O.K., I thought, I can do this. It's just a fish. OUR fish. The guilt quickly building up. Chris telling me to turn the disposal on again made me want to get it out even more. A ground up fish in my disposal???.........I couldn't bear that, especially since it's our pet fish, and I was the one who dropped it.

Thankfully, I didn't have to make an emergency run to the pet store to buy another Darth. And thankfully, I didn't have to tell my kids I dropped the fish in the disposal and then turned the disposal on and had to shred it to pieces, while it was still alive, so it didn't suffer for too long.

And today when I was putting the fish back in the bowl, I made sure to put the stopper in, thank you very much.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter 2009

This morning we had a chance to help clean up a small section of Mt. Timpanogas park with some accounting students. It was actually really nice to get out and do that. Upon returning we did the following:

The kids never let a holiday go by without prompting me with lots of reminders on what needs to happen. My kids keep me going :0).

Chris behind the camera...."Smile"

Second try........not much better.

And third try after he said "look like you're happy"

so easy to snap a cute pic of this kid


This year I had the kids help me get the candies in the eggs and let them know loud and clear that we'll go hide the eggs and candy while they waited downstairs. With me already holding so many secrets about Santa and the tooth fairy and them COMPLETELY believing they exist......I just couldn't bear to continue on with the lies and the Easter Bunny......especially on such a beautiful and wonderful occasion. Call me practical but I dread the day they figure out Santa is not real and I fear they'll be disappointed. I also wouldn't want them to think Jesus Christ is amongst one of these unreal and commercialized characters that I've been "lieing" to them about. I'll be the first to admit.......I'm a worry wart.....What?...... I heard that.....that was not nice.

The "Easter Bunny"

The boys getting ready to go hunting. The two older ones feeling competitive.

Completely happy with just 2 eggs.

This is after a couple melt downs/screaming fits. It's just so painful when your older brother is snatching all the eggs.

We had dinner, set up an egg/treat hunt for the neighbor kids, and headed to the dollar theater. We watched Hotel for Dogs, came home had root beer floats, baths, and a lesson about Christ and the Resurrection. Kids really do keep us moving. I hope they remember the good times and know/feel our blessings.

I hope you have/had a wonderful Easter as well.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Recent Activities

This is the gang joining me at the half marathon I ran Saturday.

It was cold, snowy, and windy. We wore gloves, ear covers, pants, layers, used hand warmers and our hoods at times. I ran with the same friend I've run two other half marathons with.

There are a few things that happen each time I run in one of these.........I get super excited about the race (of course this happens pre race after I'm done training for it, not during the training nor during the race).........After a while of running I want to give up and walk...........I try to remember why in the world I wanted to do this in the first place...........I vow to never do one again...........I perform cognitive therapy on myself..........I imagine the second I cross the finish line and I can do the following pictured below.

This is exactly what I do every time: Collapse. How nonathletic but I don't care. And then after a few minutes of this precious moment of pure relief and I kid you not it is pure relief to be done, I move on. And finally........... I get crazy again and start thinking about the next race and even wanting to improve. Yeah, I've got serious issues.

Here's L and Dad getting use to the new birthday bike.

This was earlier today. Now why couldn't it be this clear and dry yesterday?

Did anyone else get a chance to fly kites? There was some great wind last Thursday. There are so many things between Chris and L that are alike; one is how sensitive they are to light. And I'm thinking PaPa is probably exactly the same way.

I chopped off some of A's hair.
He's always reminded me of Curious George

and now with his new haircut I have to add Terk as well. I may just have to make that his blogger name.

K lost another tooth. He included this note with the tooth. I'm thinking the tooth fairy needs to fess up soon.

He placed 1st amongst the first graders in the Sandy Art's Guild competition. Yay! They were presented with their award last Wednesday. He got a shirt and some pens and his piece will be displayed at our library through the month.

And this is a picture I took at the park today. I like it. I'm just tired of looking at bare trees and am seriously ready for Spring.

I love conference weekend. We listen to needed messages from our beloved leaders. We get together with family which I was really missing and glad we got to do. And after watching t.v. and listening to the radio broadcast for so long, we can go on a guilt free excursion to release some of that built up energy. My favorite messages or the ones that stuck were about making our homes like the temple (clean, pure, orderly, etc) and if our children know, feel, hear our conviction to the gospel. Hmmm, lots to think about.