Monday, April 06, 2009

Recent Activities

This is the gang joining me at the half marathon I ran Saturday.

It was cold, snowy, and windy. We wore gloves, ear covers, pants, layers, used hand warmers and our hoods at times. I ran with the same friend I've run two other half marathons with.

There are a few things that happen each time I run in one of these.........I get super excited about the race (of course this happens pre race after I'm done training for it, not during the training nor during the race).........After a while of running I want to give up and walk...........I try to remember why in the world I wanted to do this in the first place...........I vow to never do one again...........I perform cognitive therapy on myself..........I imagine the second I cross the finish line and I can do the following pictured below.

This is exactly what I do every time: Collapse. How nonathletic but I don't care. And then after a few minutes of this precious moment of pure relief and I kid you not it is pure relief to be done, I move on. And finally........... I get crazy again and start thinking about the next race and even wanting to improve. Yeah, I've got serious issues.

Here's L and Dad getting use to the new birthday bike.

This was earlier today. Now why couldn't it be this clear and dry yesterday?

Did anyone else get a chance to fly kites? There was some great wind last Thursday. There are so many things between Chris and L that are alike; one is how sensitive they are to light. And I'm thinking PaPa is probably exactly the same way.

I chopped off some of A's hair.
He's always reminded me of Curious George

and now with his new haircut I have to add Terk as well. I may just have to make that his blogger name.

K lost another tooth. He included this note with the tooth. I'm thinking the tooth fairy needs to fess up soon.

He placed 1st amongst the first graders in the Sandy Art's Guild competition. Yay! They were presented with their award last Wednesday. He got a shirt and some pens and his piece will be displayed at our library through the month.

And this is a picture I took at the park today. I like it. I'm just tired of looking at bare trees and am seriously ready for Spring.

I love conference weekend. We listen to needed messages from our beloved leaders. We get together with family which I was really missing and glad we got to do. And after watching t.v. and listening to the radio broadcast for so long, we can go on a guilt free excursion to release some of that built up energy. My favorite messages or the ones that stuck were about making our homes like the temple (clean, pure, orderly, etc) and if our children know, feel, hear our conviction to the gospel. Hmmm, lots to think about.


The Cundick Family said...

Nancy you rock!! Way to go. You have been a busy bee but who isn't with 3 little boys :) Love A's haircut..they grow up soooo fast. Let's do lunch soon :)

Natalie J said...

I can't imagine doing even a little of a marathon. 30 seconds of jumping jacks is a marathon to me! You are awesome. I hope one day to be in good shape, like you, and be able to accomplish something like that!

Mishel said...

Great job on the 1/2. Your family is so big. I haven't been on your blog for a little bit and there is so much to catch up on. Love it!

CUTRER said...

YOU ARE THE BEST! keep it up

Emily Redd said...

Nancy, you are awesome! Way to go on the race. I wish you would have told time if it's close we'd love to join Chris and the kiddos to watch you run in. I miss you, you need to call me soon. Let's meet at the park or something. I should ask Renee and Tiffany and Erin to come too. I have no friends here yet. It's kinda been wierd moving with no church on Draper Temple dedication and then conference. Anyway, I am kinda missing the old place. Oh well, all is good and we are settling in. Talk to you soon. Congrats on the race, way to go. That is a great accomplishment and I wish I could do that...maybe someday I'll really want to.

kimdibb said...

I'm glad you were able to perform cognitive therapy on yourself! It was worth getting that MSW!!!

the Heatons said...

Way to go on the half-marathon. That is absolutely amazing to me. I like A's cut. That kid couldn't look anything but adorable. The picture from the park is beautiful. Great work!

Supergabesmomma said...

Love the race commentary! I started day I will finish it and post. I love the Zazoosh pics - the ones where you left me in the dust at the end! I remember thinking "Dang! Look at her go!" If we do Provo Canyon and really get to train, it would be "fun" to try and improve our time.

Cute pics of your fam!