Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter 2009

This morning we had a chance to help clean up a small section of Mt. Timpanogas park with some accounting students. It was actually really nice to get out and do that. Upon returning we did the following:

The kids never let a holiday go by without prompting me with lots of reminders on what needs to happen. My kids keep me going :0).

Chris behind the camera...."Smile"

Second try........not much better.

And third try after he said "look like you're happy"

so easy to snap a cute pic of this kid


This year I had the kids help me get the candies in the eggs and let them know loud and clear that we'll go hide the eggs and candy while they waited downstairs. With me already holding so many secrets about Santa and the tooth fairy and them COMPLETELY believing they exist......I just couldn't bear to continue on with the lies and the Easter Bunny......especially on such a beautiful and wonderful occasion. Call me practical but I dread the day they figure out Santa is not real and I fear they'll be disappointed. I also wouldn't want them to think Jesus Christ is amongst one of these unreal and commercialized characters that I've been "lieing" to them about. I'll be the first to admit.......I'm a worry wart.....What?...... I heard that.....that was not nice.

The "Easter Bunny"

The boys getting ready to go hunting. The two older ones feeling competitive.

Completely happy with just 2 eggs.

This is after a couple melt downs/screaming fits. It's just so painful when your older brother is snatching all the eggs.

We had dinner, set up an egg/treat hunt for the neighbor kids, and headed to the dollar theater. We watched Hotel for Dogs, came home had root beer floats, baths, and a lesson about Christ and the Resurrection. Kids really do keep us moving. I hope they remember the good times and know/feel our blessings.

I hope you have/had a wonderful Easter as well.


CUTRER said...

How fun! We almost went to she that movie today but the rain keep us close to home. How fun the days of them enjoying the Holidays. Jordan was playing cool about the Easter egg hunt at the park today (untill he spoted some kids from school there).

Marisa said...

I don't really even try to pretend there's an Easter Bunny. I avoid Beckham's questions because I know if I tell him straight out, he'll tell his friends. I do leave baskets on the table, but the kids know Carson and I hide the eggs. But really, a creepy oversized bunny coming into your house in the middle of the night? And I always tell the kids they're safe in the house, they don't have to worry about monsters or anything made-up. I think you can make the holiday just as fun without the lies, and of course also focus on the Savior and the Resurrection. I wouldn't even do Santa if I thought other moms wouldn't hate me. I refuse to lie to my children's faces so I just "let" them believe instead of encouraging it and when they ask I say "what do you think?" Both Trey and Becks have figured it out at about 4 years old, and I don't really care. We still have fun and exciting holidays, full of family and tradition.

Loyd said...


I think you made need to start digitally filling in Chris's hair again.

Sara C. said...

Nice looking eggs! You guys all look so cute.

I agree about the whole Easter bunny thing. It is hard to compete when trying to teach your kids about the "real" meaning of Easter when there is some weird bunny that gives away candy taking all the attention.

Nice job on the 1/2 marathon! You continue to inspire!

BTW, I will work on a blog entry about my pressure cooker soon!

ang said...

i'm sure your kids will always have great childhood memories.

the new blog looks cute!!

Tamiya and the family (okazaki fam) said...

How cute are you all. the kids look happy. I love you tia nacy daddy/your brother says hi

Jessica Hughes said...

Nancy looks like you had fun with the easter activities too. I actually got so consumed with birthday things dying eggs never came about. The kids didn't miss it. Not till they hunted for eggs did they say mom we never dyed eggs oooops next year. The day went on. Congrats again on your marathon. I'm doing my second 5k on mAy 9.