Saturday, April 21, 2007

Birthday Boy!!

The decision to have another baby came after a couple of months of feeling certain I didn't want to have another yet. But the change in my heart was clear and felt like the right thing to do. I researched how to have a little girl . For several months after getting pregnant I was so optimistic about her sex. I was going to surprise everyone for Christmas with a pair of pink baby shoes. Instead, the call was sent out something like this, "I have disappointing news.... we're pregnant with another boy." I wanted to be done with two boys and a girl. The sadness lingered for a couple of days and that was it. Pregnancy was different than the last two in that I did feel nauseous but rarely enough to be bent over the toilet. What a relief!!! But pregnancy is never really a joyous occasion for me with the back pain, the constant desire to be asleep, and the growing belly and other body parts. Labor by far has always been my favorite part. I love the anticipation, the excitement, the story, the empowerment and attention that comes far and few being a stay at home mom. I had been having contractions for weeks before the induction. It was a continual roller coaster ride wondering if today was the day. Finally, with no other options due to C who was scheduled to be out of town for several weeks, I was induced. I was apprehensive about being induced because the previous two labors began naturally and were smooth. I didn't want to jinx my luck. It was a quick delivery coming after only three in a half hours after induction. I went from being six to ten cm in less that 10 minutes. Labor was painful. The baby's heart rate disappeared completely. Nurses were running around, barely having enough time before the baby came. The experience being a wonderful memory now. I'm so happy with this little guy. He is so precious to us. He's fun, happy, easily comforted, spunky, sweet, and much, much more. He has four teeth, can say mama, nana, dada, and hi. He recently took his first steps but not walking yet. He entertains himself with whatever is in the room. He has fallen down the stairs a few times, never under my supervision of course (haha). He dances, gives high fives, loves balls, sleeps on his tummy, sucks his thumb, has lot of mongolian spots, and smiles in an instant. His name came to me while watching the winter Olympics. We had been struggling with boy names like we usually do. I had decided it was my turn to pick a name since C named the other two boys. It was fun. The name worried me a bit but it sounded cute to me. We're a big fan of the Olympian for all the good reasons and so the decision was made.