Friday, February 15, 2008

Insomnia, and I'm not even pregnant, what's the deal?

Some nights I just stay awake trying to solve all of life's little problems. Bad idea when you're trying to fall asleep. After working on a quilt, I thought I'd start the laundry at 2 a.m. in the morning and changed my mind. Blogging is a quieter substitute.

Well, on Monday, I thought to leave earlier for soccer so K could get some warm up time before the game. In the process, I got pulled over and ticketed (my first time ever) for speeding and for not having a valid driver's license (which I didn't have on me anyways). Not smart, Nancy, especially since the day before, Paul, our lawyer friend informed me that it was a misdemeanor to not have a D.L. K insisted he never ever will become a police officer. I think he's over it now, but I did have to do some reassuring that the officer was doing his job to keep us safe. Needless to say, we were five minutes late for the game. :0(

I was released from the R.S. presidency and now am a teacher in the primary. I am actually really happy about this. I get to see my L as a new Sunbeam in action. Besides picking his nose in class, bellowing out primary songs, and not being able to sit still, I think he's doing great. K has been there for a while and I just enjoy seeing him and being a part of their organization. Since I never attended primary before, this is a nice change. I get to learn new songs, the articles of faith, and it's so much easier to stay on the same wave length as the boys. My class is great. I teach from the Book of Mormon, which I absolutely LOVE.

It's official, I am part of the PWC Wasatch Back Relay team. I don't have the exact details of the race but there are 12 on our relay team. We will run over 100 miles in 24+ hours. We each get 3 legs to run ranging from 3+ to 8 miles. They range in difficulty. I was told that training on a tread mill won't cut it. You have to train up the canyon, on a dirt road, going up hill, in the middle of a hot day. Crazy. Needless to say, both C and I have been training pathetically on a tread mill and as soon as it warms up, we'll move things outside. Every time I go to the gym I wonder when is it going to get easier to run a few miles. It just never does.

During the Christmas season, since C wasn't working out of town like he has in the past, I got a seasonal job at Ross. I really wanted to try it out. I had been thinking a lot about getting a part time job working once a week. yeah right, who's going to hire me for once a week? So, this was good enough. Overall the experience was fine. I never felt prompted to quit. However, it was a good reminder to me that I can never have a "real" job and that there are waaaaaaaaaaaaay more important things I can be doing than making seven bucks an hour. First of all I don't have the mental ability to drop my kids off at a day care so I can go and have my career. During the season, I was ill for a few weeks straight and I still had to go to work in pain. There was no one to cover for me. Besides it's silly to have someone cover for me when I'm only working for such a short time. There were many times C and I had to meet in the parking lot at my work so he could take the kids home. We'd swap cars, just so I could make my shift on time. Dinner together wasn't happening anymore and things got chaotic at times. I didn't get to do all the Christmasy things I was planning to do with the kids. It was an easy job. I tried something out I had been thinking about doing and satisfied that curiosity. I made new friends and now have a once a month job and a great discount on stuff. I'll try this once a month thing for a couple of months and reevaluate. Once L and K start soccer in April, my Saturdays need to be open. I wouldn't want to miss a game.

C is well into busy season. We don't get to see him as much and there are times he works crazy hours and starts doing weird things like driving off to work with my car that has all the car seats or filling up a sippy cup of juice but missing, and basically having way too much on his mind. We try to be really easy on him during these times. Thank thank thank goodness I am not pregnant or post partum whatever. It's much easier to run the household when I am not tired and pregnant or depressed and worn out.

I keep things real simple and laid back around here. I don't really care what time everyone's dressed and cleaned up and fed just as long as it's before school. The kids have plenty of free time to do whatever. Before dinner they have to pick up their mess and on Saturdays their playroom. L and I have our time after we drop K off at school and A takes a nap. We do crafts, play games, paint, play in the snow, cook, etc. After dinner, they get into their jammies, brush their teeth, and we have devotional (read, sing, pray). After L and A go to bed, K has mom/dad time. During this time we work on K's reading and/or writing. On Sundays, we play games (monopoly, life, etc.). Usually L bails out early but K actually has beat us the last two games. I've never been able to beat my hubby at Monopoly but K can. FHE works better on Sundays for us during busy season. During the week, we have friends over, go to the library, sledding, basically anything that's cheap. I try to not run errands if I don't have to with the kids. It's just not fun. I have MY time in the evenings after the boys are asleep. At times all I can do is just sit on the couch, stare at the wall, and hope my hubby will come home soon. After which all I can do is sit next to him and watch him work some more. If I'm feeling up to it I pick up a book, quilt, pluck my eye brows, etc. Going to the gym of course I don't have a choice on if I'm going to be ready for the race. I go there unexcited at first but come home glad I went.

Things to look forward to include a tax return, a trip to New York without my boys ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I can feel the anxiety coming on, making curtains for the kitchen, and painting my bathroom cabinets(hopefully).