Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Here are a few pics of the birthday boy as a baby and toddler. I miss him as a baby. I remember the day I realized he wasn't going to be a baby for much longer. I was pregnant with my second child and it was sort of a sad day because he was such a fun baby. We were buds and after all the trials we went through together, we grew so close. I realized he was becoming more independent and didn't need me as much. It's not entirely a bad thing, not at all. But, it's sort of a sad thing for a mom. He's still a lot of fun, a huge blessing in our lives, and so full of goodness. Children are truly a gift and to be treated with all the respect in the world. On hard days, I need to stop and think about this, so I can manage to say the right things in times I'd rather not.
13 months or so
9 months
3 months

His big day

Last year's sledding party was a hit, so we decided to do one again. (Thanks to Mrs. C. Mitchell from whom I stole the idea.) It's one of those things you can't plan until the last minute after a snow storm and with the hopes for a clear, sunny Saturday. So, invitations went out a couple of days before the big day and we just had to hope the conditions were decent. The snow storm ended up being not much of one, but there was still plenty of snow and the day turned out to be pleasant.
On the invite to his classmates, I requested a caretaker to attend with their child. Sledding can be dangerous. I thought it was funny that all the caretakers were dads with the exception of Renee.
After passing out the invitations, K asked me if I gave one to Shelbie. Sure I did, I gave one to everyone in his class. Later on that day, again the same question. It wasn't until the third time, that I put two and two together. Shelbie is his kindergarten crush. I was so excited when Shelbie's mom called to RSVP. I ran downstairs to tell K and I got the cutest reaction......a huge smile, an "I've been caught" embarrassed look and as he turned away he said, "I just wanted to make sure everyone was invited so no one would get their feelings hurt." Yeah, sure. As he gets older, I'm sure his crushes won't be as obvious. so , so cute. Well, there she is featured above.

It was a great time. The kids were completely entertained. We provided a hot breakfast. Next year if we do it again I think donuts and drinks will suffice. We'll add a pinata as well.