Monday, June 29, 2009

Playing Around

These are some pictures I've taken over the last two weeks that I really liked.

This was at Silver Lake when we went fishing. This was taken after the sun went over the mountains. Love the reflection.

This is at the same lake with Mt. Timpanogas and a canoe in the shot taken much earlier in the day.


These were taken during our camp out at the Spruces. We got tons of rain both nights and I tried to get some shots of the drops afterwards.


These are a few of Chris' cousins. My brother in law got married. Although not from here they decided to get married at our local temple and had the reception at the pavillion across the street from my house.

Cross Processing

Some fishing pictures at the lake. I played around with the colors of the pictures.


It's pretty much the same shot except that I played around with the shutter speed and then did some post editing for fun. This was a waterfall on a hike we took during our camping trip up Big Cottonwood Canyon.


This is our little guy making faces on the window of our van.

This was from the top of Timpanogas Cave. The kids enjoyed exploring the cave.

A couple of my favorite people in the world. Taken on our way back down from the cave.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

the Utah Valley Marathon 4:51:57.7

I had such an awesome experience. The weather was perfect, the course was absolutely beautiful, and I was feeling strong. I was very concerned about the weather since we've been getting a lot of rain, hail, and thunderstorms. However, the cloud cover kept us cool and I only felt a couple drops of rain. I loved, loved the course for many reasons. I didn't have to inhale exhaust from running through a city; the course was secluded to mostly trails (which were amazingly beautiful but I'd never run on them alone because of the seclusion and foliage) and a few quiet streets. The first 10 miles were down Provo Canyon on the road. It was gorgeous. There were a lot of hills up and down. If fact the race began with an uphill. Upbeat music got me through the hills and I tried to run faster on the downhills because I knew once we were out of the canyon, it would get flat. It took me about 30 minutes to get to 3 miles. I got to the halfway point at about 2 hours 16 minutes. And to 21 miles at 3 hours 46 minutes. The last five miles were really, really HARD. But I felt my strongest the first 10 miles and between 16 and 22 miles. I stopped for a short time to take a picture with the boys after the half way point and I walked a short distance to mile 23. After a certain point, it's all mental for me. I really, really want to walk and as I see people who are done, can't help but think how lucky they are.

Chris made these cool t shirts for the boys to wear. Here's A having rice balls for breakfast. We headed to Provo in the wee hours of the morning. They slept in the van before meeting me at the half way point. What troopers!

This is past mile 14 when I first got to meet the crew. They make me smile.

About mile 16

Between mile 21 and 22. Loved these sponges that are soaked in ice, cold water.

For some reason, seeing the end helps me forget my exhaustion and physical pain and gets me to pick things up again.

It truly was an amazing experience and I did well up with tears along the course when I thought about it all.

Monday, June 08, 2009

No Kidding!






Thursday, June 04, 2009

Most Memorable Pick Ups

7. My very first pick up at BYU began with..."Don't I know you from somewhere?" Can it get more original? He later told me he had his eye on me while I was having lunch with a friend. I disappeared soon after to go to my class only to emerge an hour later. I saw him from the corner of my eye and knew at once he was headed for me.

6. Can't go to BYU and not have a fifth floor library experience. I was on the fifth floor of the library. Being a newbie at the university, little did I know that not much studying happens on the fifth floor. A guy comes up to me for some small talk. He served in Asia somewhere. I was sensing a little Asian fever from him. A couple weeks later I saw him in the same room I was studying in at the library. I tried my hardest to hide behind someone with no luck. A few years later while I was a missionary in the MTC, he was an MTC teacher and I saw him. I swear he was going to ask me out again.

5. I was waitressing when a guy, a really cute guy actually, asks me if I'm wearing a fake engagement ring or if I'm really taken. I just laughed. In Provo, there is ALOT, I mean ALOT of ring finger glancing! Anyone else agree?

4. Not your typical pick up. I had a job where I helped people with mental disorders or brain damage in their daily activities. I was at one of my clients apartment when in comes three Hispanic guys. I soon figured out that my client was prostituting for money. In Spanish one of the guys asks his friend, "Do you think she's one of them?" talking about me. GRRRR. He sits down next to me. I soon left and my higher ups heard from me!

3. I was at Smiths in Provo putting my cart away when up drives the one and only Itula Mili in his big truck and says, "My friend (as he nods to the big guy sitting next to him) wants to know if you have a boyfriend."

--Maybe the guy was self conscious about his English skills or something but come on!! At least do your own dirty work.

2. I was making the long trek across campus to my car heading home after class. There was a little, blonde guy following close by. He catches up and starts a conversation. He walks me to my car. He asks me my name and how to spell it. Then he asks for my number. I had a hard time avoiding that question since I didn't want to hurt his feelings and make things even more awkward. So I gave it to him. I had just moved and got a new number too. Folks,WITHIN the hour, he called me and said, "You gave me the wrong number." Oops, I accidentally switched a couple numbers, but not on purpose. The nerve of some people. He called several times to get a date with no success. A couple months later he calls me one last time and after I came up with another lame excuse he says, "Well, you have to give me credit for trying."

Well I'll give him that. But, Ericson ladies, a word of advice..... Don't give out your number to guys you're not interested in.

Just as a side note, this was not the only time some guy made sure to get the spelling of my name. BYU had this information line you could call and get people's info. They're address, phone number, even their freaking schedule!!! I'll admit I probably stocked someone once or twice.

And finally

1. I was a waitress at Dennys where I have never been picked up more in my life. The caliber of men there is amazing (sarcasm). Anyways, I had just hit a parked car and left a dent. Hey, I'm a woman, an Asian woman, from California...give me a break. My windows were caked with ice and the guy was illegally parked. I went into the restaurant to find someone who would drive an old, old car. I saw a young guy in a long, black trench coat and asked him if he owned a car that looked and so. He said yes. Me apologetically "I just hit your car and I dent it, do you want to come out and look at it with me?" Nonchalantly he replied, "sure." So we go out there and I'm like can I give you some money for the damage? He tells me not to worry and he'll just hammer it out. I felt terrible. Can I pay for your meal at least? Sure he says. And then he asks me out. geesh. How do you get out of that one?