Monday, June 08, 2009

No Kidding!







Natalie J said...

That is a whole lotta strawberries! Looks yum!

Chris said...

And L at more than half of em! If it didn't rain most days, he would just sit out in the garden eating all day long.

CUTRER said...

I will have to send Reyna over she is in love with strawberries. SO when are you sending some over so I can make jam?

lucy said...

For you, any time.

Carson Calderwood said...

We had that at our old house and I miss it soooo much.

ang said...

wow. tamales and strawberries. lucky.

Sara C. said...

Do those taste as good as they look?!

Sooooo jealous.

Loved your pick up stories!

How is your summer going? This is the 3rd day of no school, and the kids are driving me crazy. Different dynamics and lack of schedule are making for long days of teasing and fights. Argghhhh!

Supergabesmomma said...

That is crazy! I think one bowl a week would be a lot, sheesh. And Dylan would have done the same thing as L - just eat as much as could, as long as he could.