Monday, October 08, 2007

A Confession

OK.............I confess that I am in love with Edward!!! BYU graduate, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series is my kind of entertainment. I am soooooooooooo excited to get New Moon and Eclipse in the mail. My new pastime is I want to thank Loyd for finally giving me a book I love and my spouse for spoiling me with the rest of the series and letting me indulge in reading and rereading such a yummy book.

Recent Random pics

Snow in September, ugh!!! So like last fall was cut short. We had a little snow on conference weekend as well.
Tiff Dameron use to say concerning C's jeans having holes at the knees that it's a sign of a good dad. Here he is in action.
Here are the boys at a Signing Time benefit concert.
C and I canned salsa with our tomatos. All other ingredients we purchased.
This is a 5k at the U. I'm running for the firm. You'd think a 5k is easy enough but I have to perform a lot of cognitive therapy on myself to get through it. I think I need an Ipod. Perhaps listening to some sweet Jazz will do the trick.
This is A with great grandma. He's being a mama's boy. This Giant of a lady is amazing and I hope to follow her example.
During priesthood session, we played scrabble.
We had visitors for conference weekend!!!! I love this family, they're sooooooooo awesome. I'm so blessed to be affiliated with such good people.

A baby update

L and A both play with this doll even though Dad disapproves. The boys on K's soccer team were using it as a soccer ball, which Dad probably would rather have them do.
He's pretty outgoing and happy. He can be fiesty and still sucks his thumb. He knows how to belt it out during sacrament meeting on Sundays. It's quite embarrassing. But for the most part he's easy going.
He loves to be outside and hang out with his brothers. But, he usually doesn't wander off too far from me. He'll be nursery age this month.

L update

L has a special attachment to his little bro. Dad slapped A on the hand for throwing food and L put Dad in his place. He's very overprotective of A and looks out for him. It's so cute.
This little guy has really come out of his shell. I can't keep him quiet anymore. Once you get him started, it's hard to get him quiet again. He easily out drinks and eats all of us. It floors me how much he can consume.
This is L being picked up from preschool in style. He seems to love going to school. Since starting school, he has been scratched and hit on different days. Those boys got time out so he tells me. He has had his fair share of time out usually for hiding. Poor Mrs. Chris has her work cut out for her this year!!

K update

K is known as the "sweeper." They're finally winning their games this year. He has an awesome side kick he uses to change the direction of the ball. It's pretty sweet.
K looks forward to going to Kinder everyday. His teacher, who is to the right of us, is great. Her son is in K's class and was on the same soccer team as K all last year.
This is a "transformer" that K made out of Legos. I thought it was pretty cool. My dad was floored.