Monday, October 08, 2007

Recent Random pics

Snow in September, ugh!!! So like last fall was cut short. We had a little snow on conference weekend as well.
Tiff Dameron use to say concerning C's jeans having holes at the knees that it's a sign of a good dad. Here he is in action.
Here are the boys at a Signing Time benefit concert.
C and I canned salsa with our tomatos. All other ingredients we purchased.
This is a 5k at the U. I'm running for the firm. You'd think a 5k is easy enough but I have to perform a lot of cognitive therapy on myself to get through it. I think I need an Ipod. Perhaps listening to some sweet Jazz will do the trick.
This is A with great grandma. He's being a mama's boy. This Giant of a lady is amazing and I hope to follow her example.
During priesthood session, we played scrabble.
We had visitors for conference weekend!!!! I love this family, they're sooooooooo awesome. I'm so blessed to be affiliated with such good people.


the narrator said...

i didn't know you ran a 5k.


did you intentionally see that most everyone had red-eye in the family pic because you have an obsession with vampires


i have great hair

lucy said...

lol...........I was just telling C that this is a good picture of you...your hair looks really good. I was just thinking I need to edit the photo. The red eyes are annoying and I don't have an obsession with vampires just Edward.