Monday, October 08, 2007

A baby update

L and A both play with this doll even though Dad disapproves. The boys on K's soccer team were using it as a soccer ball, which Dad probably would rather have them do.
He's pretty outgoing and happy. He can be fiesty and still sucks his thumb. He knows how to belt it out during sacrament meeting on Sundays. It's quite embarrassing. But for the most part he's easy going.
He loves to be outside and hang out with his brothers. But, he usually doesn't wander off too far from me. He'll be nursery age this month.


the narrator said...

a doll????

buy him a toy gun. or a copy of wittgenstein's tractatus-logicus philosphicus.

Tiffany said...

When my two oldest boys were 4 and 2 I came home with this little play kitchenette from the D. Tim had a cow, but they loved it for a long time! I can still remember the look on his face when I bought a mini broom for them to sweep with. I just told him, "I'm raising Renaissance men, ok? Their wives will love me one day!"