Monday, October 08, 2007

L update

L has a special attachment to his little bro. Dad slapped A on the hand for throwing food and L put Dad in his place. He's very overprotective of A and looks out for him. It's so cute.
This little guy has really come out of his shell. I can't keep him quiet anymore. Once you get him started, it's hard to get him quiet again. He easily out drinks and eats all of us. It floors me how much he can consume.
This is L being picked up from preschool in style. He seems to love going to school. Since starting school, he has been scratched and hit on different days. Those boys got time out so he tells me. He has had his fair share of time out usually for hiding. Poor Mrs. Chris has her work cut out for her this year!!

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the narrator said...

i'm gonna have to teach that kid how to start fighting back. i don't want him getting beat up all the time like his dad.