Monday, October 08, 2007

K update

K is known as the "sweeper." They're finally winning their games this year. He has an awesome side kick he uses to change the direction of the ball. It's pretty sweet.
K looks forward to going to Kinder everyday. His teacher, who is to the right of us, is great. Her son is in K's class and was on the same soccer team as K all last year.
This is a "transformer" that K made out of Legos. I thought it was pretty cool. My dad was floored.


Carson Calderwood said...

He looks so cool with his hands in his pockets like that. Trey was impressed with the transformer!

the narrator said...

i could easily make a cooler transformer than that.

Anonymous said...

Whoah Nancy! You have been so busy updating your blog. I love love love reading it and seeing the pictures. You are such a great mom. I couldn't believe how big the kids are getting last time I visited. You have such a wonderful family. -Erica