Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some of my Fav. Finds

We have these often and recently found that I was paying WAY too much for grits. This 24 oz. container of grits sells at Maceys for $2.19. Walmart sells this exact one for around $1.60. Wow, I have been wasting my money.

I was recently introduced to V-fusion by some friends and immediately was hooked. One serving contains a serving of fruit and a serving of vegetables. My fav. is the Strawberry Banana. YUM. I was disappointed that Maceys and Smiths sold it for over $4.00. However, Walmart sells it for just under $3.00. It's worth the price for me since we don't always get those needed antioxidants.

Hormel natural Choice deli meats is the sandwich meats I buy. There are no NITRATES in them. Again, it is not a cheap choice. Smiths and Maceys sells them for well over $4.00. Once in a while Smiths will mark them down. However, I find them marked down to $2.50 and less at Walmart quite OFTEN. We get turkey or chicken. There aren't a lot of choices but still worth it to me; I just can't imagine feeding my kid all those nitrates. School lunches freak me out because of that........the poor kids consume so much processed meat. It's crazy.

This is my favorite brand bread from Maceys. They also have plain white, buttermilk, honey multi grain, and plain wheat. We stock up on the multi grain and the yummy white. They use to go for under $1.00 but not anymore. However, I bought several loaves for $1.25. And if you are interested in the ingredients there they are below. Click to enlarge. Stone Ground Whole Wheat is the first ingredient....not bad at all!


I paid $5.00 plus tax for the above beverages which includes the soy milk, 2 gallons of Organic milk, and the calcium fortified juice. The soy normally goes for $3-4, the organic normally is $5.99 and the juice over $2.00. I did have to buy 7 boxes of cereal from Albertsons to get the milk at 3 boxes for $5, still not a bad deal and we needed cereal anyways. The juice was on sale for $1.00 a half gallon at Smiths.

Happy Shopping!


Natalie J said...

We share many of the same tastes!
I love V8 Splash and the Hormel Natural, too!
My little guy has to drink soy milk and I found coupons on Ebay for $2.00 off a 1/2 gallon (costs about $5 for $30 worth of coupons). They have no expiration date. You can only use them at stores that take online coupons. I used to use them at Walmart, making the total that I paid for them .93 cents each. But I have found that with Walmart it is hit and miss, because some of the customer service reps won't take them and some will. Our Smith's takes them though (you would have to check with yours) and it costs me $1.29 with the coupon.
As soon as I can no longer get the coupons or get anyone to take them, the cheapest is the Costco brand, shelf-ready, which costs $2 for a 1/2 gallon.

I know, I know. You didn't ask for all this info. I was just really excited about my Ebay find.

Marisa said...

I miss Utah and the cheaper groceries. I remember getting burritos for $0.25 and peaches for 49 cents a pound. The best around here is Winco but it's 35 minutes away. I also love the V8 Fusion and get the peach mango flavor at Costco for $2.50 each (in a 4-pack). If you haven't tried the pomegranite blueberry flavor I'll warn you that it's not as good as the others and my kids accurately described it as "tasting like vitamins." I think the tropical orange is my favorite, but the strawberry banana is definitely good, too. Thanks for the tip about the lunchmeat, I try to avoid nitrates as well. It's nice that natural foods are becoming easier to find.

lucy said...

Thanks ladies!! I'm going to have to get the soy milk and fusion at Cosco. Those are awesome deals.

I wish I was better with coupons. But I just don't have the patience and am leery about paying for them as well.

ang said...

wow those are some good deals - esp the milk/juice!!

i have been looking for a nitrate-free lunch mean FOREVER. i usually buy stuff from the health food store, but it's pretty pricey. i'll have to check out that brand!

thanks for the tips!

Emily Redd said...

you are the deal finder of the year! you are awesome, It gave me some good ideas to try out some new things like that meat. That sounds like a good idea. Where do you get these deals and find out where to shop? We miss you, when can we get together? Let's meet at the park or something if it ever warms up or you and chris should come over. I'm a little lonely in my new home.

Sara C. said...

Nice deals! We have cut our grocery bill considerably by buying and eating a lot of bulk beans and grains (which I get mostly in 25# bags from a local health store), like pearl barley, quinoa, brown rice, etc. I invested in an electric pressure cooker (which I LOVE) and so they are a breeze to cook up!

Supergabesmomma said...

Good deals! BTW, the soymilk at Walmart & Target is always under $3 - usually $2.74. Not bad, considering most stores it is $3.99. Glad you are a bargain shopper, too. We will have to chat about Grocery Smarts - it has been a great way for us to save money.