Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweety

Here are some baby pictures of this birthday boy before I go on.

This is him with big brother when he was actually smaller. Not anymore.

Smile for mommy....yeah right. K was the only one who could get this munchkin to smile in the early days.

Inseparable then inseparable now.

Traveling. Never again.

From Winter to Spring to Winter again. Boing Boing Boing......reminds me of this little munchkin and his daddy. We bagged the sledding party due to how bad the weather was (it melted all our snow) and had a "bubbles party" instead. This was L's idea and it turned out to be so much fun. A couple of the things I love about this kid is his ability to be flexible and that he's fine with whatever.

Here he is before the big event. Sometimes I wish I could get into that mind of his and have a sneak peak. What is he thinking about?

We did some fun art. Chris through his work volunteered at a preschool and they did this cool project. The white stuff is shaving cream. Food coloring is used to make designs in it. You slap some paper on that and smear off the stuff and you have this cool design on the paper.

We played around with Bubbles. I also had some hangers and large cookie sheets filled with soap/water. It made for some huge bubbles and smiles.

Sang the song and had some cupcakes. Loved how he kept blowing out the candles one by one WHILE we sang the song. TYPICAL him.

Made Snow Cones. If we're not going to have snow for a sledding party, we might as well eat the stuff.

Here I am throwing out profanities and wondering what I've gotten myself into. Nah. I absolutely LOVE doing these parties for my kids. They're just sooooo HAPPY and content when we do. I think it's worth the headache and body aches afterward ;0).

Love the face. We made this crazy pinata the day of. We actually really liked it and felt it reminded us of the birthday boy. It stood up quite well actually. Everyone got a couple rounds of hitting it.

Watch out these girls can SWING a stick.

Little A finally joined us. He was napping.

The boys love this part of the festivities. I wonder why. They've been playing with the stuff ever since and are just happy, busy little guys.

Typical L. Can't get him to smile for me unless he doesn't know I'm snapping a picture of him while he's engaged in something fun. You wouldn't be able to tell from the picture but he was so pleased with the day. He really loves and appreciates the things we do for him. He's been so thankful for this and that. The cutest has been when he cuddles up next to me or sits on my lap and says "I like how you are sooooo warm." I'm eating it up while I can.

And this was taken today just a day after the party, right in our own backyard you know the same exact one we had the party in just yesterday. SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW. Anyone wanna go sledding? Geesh.


Loyd said...

looks like he had fun!

Carson Calderwood said...

I bet you're glad you snuck some good weather in there.

Chris said...

Great pics babe. Who's the dude with the belly in the pinata pics?

CUTRER said...

That looks like a lot of fun! sorry we didn't make it, we had M party on saturday too. L looks so grown up.

April said...

You have had a bunch of birthdays lately! Happy Happy Birthday to all of you!

Emily said...

i abhor doing parties, so you're my hero! or better yet, my boys' hero!

love the family photo!

ang said...

murphys' law...

looks like the party was awesome anyway! and that picture of your family is beautiful!

Lettie said...

Bummer that the snow was gone - for the day anyway. What a clever way to make do. And I love the coloring on your family picture.

jkziel said...

I had no idea that Matthew and L had b-days close together. Crazy weather huh?

Jessica Hughes said...

Looks like you had funwith the snow cones. And too bad about the snow .typical utah. Happy birthday.

The Okazaki Family said...

hi tia its tamiya love the pictrures thomas tyler and me we r going to stay at grammys house