Friday, April 24, 2009

Half Big Boy, Half Baby

This big boy just had a birthday.

He's just upstairs sleeping and I miss him.

He has been such a fun and sweet little boy.

And now he's old enough to drive the jeep. Sniff, sniff. And although he's enjoying all the things he can do now and really pushing his independence, he tells me he doesn't want to grow up because he knows how I really want him to be a baby for a little while longer.

This is my sad attempt at keeping him a baby and that is to make him put on some baby clothes. All three wore this at around 9 months old.

I think this outfit is for a 12- 18 month old. Again, all three boys wore it.

Then brothers got in on the action. The frog costume that all three wore their first Halloween.

This little jacket was given to us at a baby shower when I was pregnant with K. Still holding strong (thanks Dibbs!)

And as much as we all hate Chuck E Cheese, every kid has to experience it. He loved it. They all did. And it really wasn't all that bad.

Is this the only kid in the world who doesn't like pizza and would rather dip his finger in straight butter and eat that instead? geesh.

The final goods.....cotton candy and a little lunch pail.

And this is why I call/called all of them Half Big Boy, Half Baby when they got to this age. Ahhh, now I'm in the mood to go snuggle.


Natalie J said...

He is a cutie. It sure is hard to see your kids grow up. I am not excited for the day that my last grows up and I realize there wont be any more babies in the future.

Marisa said...

It looks like you guys were at Chuck E. Cheese for a long time, or they have some crazy skills, because my kids never take home anything but plastic spiders and laffy taffy! What a cute kid, he's growing up so much!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty much what the older boys came home with. He actually only had 170 points but the attendant was super generous. I asked him what we could get with the points and he picked out all the 200 point prizes. A picked out the cotton candy and I was wondering about the lunch pail and the guy just gave it to him.


CUTRER said...

He is getting so big, I remember when you brought him home form the hospital. Has it big long already? Tell him Happy Birthday from the Cutrer's and who doesn't like Pizza? I could live off the stuff.

kimdibb said...

Wow, that jacket is going strong! Speaking of baby shower gifts...the blanket you made for Kaiya is still one of her favorites- she cuddles w/it every night!

lucy said...

That is soooo sweet.

Sara C. said...

I remember that frog costume! Too funny. What great pictures! He really is so cute. Congrats on going to Chuck E. Cheese. We have yet to venture there.....