Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Updates

The boys have started up T ball. Today was L's first real game. They had a couple practices and we missed the first game last week since we were in Jackson Hole.

He had so much fun. We had a really busy and fun day and this kid was so happy at the end of it all. He was so pleasant and calm.

This is so typical. I wish I had pictures of the kids climbing the fence while waiting for their turn to hit, or of him sitting on the grass in the out field and even covering his face with his glove to see through it. I remember doing so many of the same things as a kid.

I'm so pleased that kids have stuff like this to do and am thankful for parents who are so dedicated to their kids that these things work out.

The previous owners of our home planted many of these. So pretty.

I'm so happy spring is here. After a long, cold winter I look forward to the warmth, the green grass, and even yard work. I'm always tired and injured after working in the yard. But I really, really enjoy doing it. It's different than the mundane housework. It's outside and fresh. And I think it's rewarding.

We've been reading a lot lately. For having such busy, active little boys it ALWAYS amazes me when we sit down to read and everyone stops moving and for a LONG, long time. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. It gives me relief as well to know that they do have an attention span.

We usually take the kid's bikes/scooters up to Jackson Hole when we go. This time A was able to ride his new birthday bike. It was so much fun. He loves being one of the big boys. Jackson has amazing walk ways for this. I love seeing the bikers, runners and fishermen out in rivers. Everyone says Hi and smiles. I also enjoy getting away from our routine and busy schedule. Sometimes I miss not having to be anywhere, like the good old days when the boys were not in school. This time around I felt sort of guilty. We had to switch up the week since the school had testing for 1st graders and I didn't want K to miss that. We left in a hurry without giving anyone a heads up. I almost felt like I was going to get in trouble for ditching.

Hanging out at the condo. One of these teeny, tiny condos goes for over $400,000. Ouch. One bedroom, one bath.

And after missing for a couple of days, Chewie our hamster finally decides to show up. I was actually relieved and even felt sorry for him. Our hyper active pet isn't as hyper anymore. He's slowly getting better but he's just not the same. I really thought we had lost him for good. After cleaning out it's cage, giving him food, and a bath he's back in the house instead of the garage for now. I'm hoping he runs on his wheel soon or I'm going to be worried. Me of all people, worried about the rat. Can you believe that?


CUTRER said...

How fun that you guys get to head out the Chirs and enjoy a time away for the every day things in life. The kids look like they are growing up so fast. Tball the sport of summer! Yes summer.

Jessica Hughes said...

O I love the Spring and see all the beautiful flowers and plants that come out. The bright vivid colors of flowers and the fresh blue sky air. I would much rather be outside then in. Baseball is fun and great. It's only starting with 3 boys. Tanner is the 1st base man and best on his team.

jkziel said...

The next time you come to Jackson call us, we live right on the way.