Saturday, September 02, 2006

Another Milestone

Yesterday, September 1, K begged us to take his training wheels off. Of course, we doubted his ability to be able to ride without training wheels, we dreaded the work it would take and all the crying and whining that would come from it, and especially to have to put those trainng wheels back on after all that. Well, shame on us for being so difficult. He hopped onto his bike, Chris let go and that was it, K was riding like a pro. He rode around in circles, up and down the side walk, and hopped off with ease when he was done. Who would of guessed he already had the ability. Children are frustrating at times but half the problem is us as parents. We can be just as frustrating to our children. They wish for us to believe in them, to give them a chance to succeed, to hear them out, and get to know them by giving our time and attention.


the narrator said...

how dare you doubt my nephew's skillz?

ang said...

i can't believe koji is old enough to ride a!

Sara C. said...

I agree, Nancy, when we tried to teach Owen how to ride a bike, it was a nightmare. He was scared, and didn't want to do it. It was sooo frustrating. So, we have not practiced with him very much, and he is still riding a trike. Pretty sad. Reed says his bike is too big, and he needs to grow a bit to fit it, I say we are just lazy!