Thursday, October 19, 2006

An Update

K is officially done with soccer. They lost every game except for the last one which they tied. Up to the last game, K was the only one who had scored twice. The last game they played was with a team that had kids their same age finally. That team had lost all their games as well. But, they tied 5-5. It was great!! Preschool is moving along smoothly. It's three times a week this year, hurray. K is going to be superman this year for Halloween. He's still as social as ever. Kids are constantly over here or he's over at his friend's homes. Something funny he said recently while eating a cheeseless pizza of course....."Mom, the crust is the best part. But, you have to have patience to eat the other stuff before you get to the crust." He weighs about 35 lbs.

L is 2 1/2 now and potty trainedl. Yesterday he ate 2 bananas, 2 kiwis, an apple, and about 20 oz. of milk for snack. He weighs 33 lbs. He's our bottomless pit and a cute one too. He started riding a bike with training wheels, loves Thomas the train, and curious George. L will be Batman for Halloween.

A is now 6 months. He's is more mobile now and manuevers in circles to get stuff he wants. He doesn't really sit still. He has to be touching and grabbing at everything. He especially loves paper. He eats cheerios now. He's working on the pincer grasp but once he gets the cheerio pinched he can't see it anymore and it ends up on the floor and not in his mouth. He eats baby food mixed in with oatmeal. He loves to drink out of a cup. We're still using cloth diapers on him. He's still nursing.

All three kids are sick but that's not keeping them from doing the same day to day stuff. They're as active as usual. We moved the boys room to where the guest room was and painted it. This week we have a Halloween party and a ward Fall party to attend.


ang said...

Sounds like the little family is doing well! Hope to see you guys some time soon!

Chris said...

Ok, lets keep this "c" sews thing a secret. Although I am proud of the superman and batman logos i put on the shirts. I made the logos from scraps!

lucy said...

sounds like you're bragging bud. for a person who wants to keep a secret, you're surprisingly descriptive. luv you. you did a great job!!