Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An update

A is following in his older brothers footsteps and started to crawl at 6 months old. We've always encouraged it and now I'm kicking myself in the behind; there's more to worry about now. At his 6 month appointment he weighed 15 lbs. 11 oz. He is 25th percentile for weight, 50th percentile for height, and 75th for head circumference. He's not saying any words yet but likes to babble, enjoys food, and is overall a very pleasant little fellow.

K is loving school, friends, music class, and is jeolous all his friends are turning 5 before him.
L is exploring, loves to play with friends, enjoys his new nursery leaders, still needs a nap or begs to be put to bed very early.

C started up soccer again and enjoys getting a good work out. They've yet to win a game. What can you expect when you have accountants against Latin players who've done hard labor all their lives? It's still fun. He continues to work with the youth at church and enjoys it. Work is getting very busy and he'll be traveling to Nevada, New York, and Jackson Hole all before the new year.

I've joined a gym, hurray. I'm enjoying my family, home, and friends. Last Sunday, we had a lesson on happiness, on being more grateful and less covetous. I can say I'm grateful I don't have furniture for my kids to ruin. I have open space in my home and hardly a thing to dust. My husband is handsome and wonderful and my kids are healthy and precious. I'm tired for good reason and I'm so grateful for the beauty around us.


Chris said...

FYI, we won our second game..and we've only played two games. And I scored in the 2nd game.

the narrator said...

oh chris. you're such a big boy now. good job.