Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3 Tornados Hit Virginia on Monday

My in laws home is fine, but the houses around have been hit, some are gone. Setsuko was home at the time, heard some noises and after seeing it outside her window, grabbed the dogs and went for cover. She's had no gas or electricity since yesterday. John is on foot this morning, waiting for the ok to get back into his neighborhood. He was as work at the time.


emily Redd said...

oh my gosh! That is insane! can you believe how every time you turn on the news something like this is going on in our very own country let alone what is going on around the world. I'm so happy and I know you must feel so relieved that Chris's parents are OK. Those houses look horrible, can you even imagine. For one thing it makes me want to be prepared with my 72 hour kits.

VAgirlinUT said...

I can't even believe that happened. On that video it showed an antique store I used to go to - one that was maybe 5-10 minutes from my old house! It just breaks my heart, but I am so grateful that John and Setsuko are OK and so is their house.