Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New York last weekend

A big thanks to mom and dad for staying with the boys and working on the house.

I made Cafe Rio taco salads for them. Although the pork is tasty, anything with that much coke and sugar isn't healthy; so I'll try the chicken recipe next time.

On Friday, C and I went for a walk through Central Park. Where did everyone go? We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was awesome. That night we had dinner at an Asian restaurant. I've never been a fan of Thai food, but that night I was starving and now I've been craving some of that yummy food again. After a carriage ride pulled by a bike (well worth the $25.00 after walking all day long), we made it to Grand Central Station and headed back to where we stayed (Tarrytown House Estates).

We met up with Chris' parents on Saturday and spent the whole day together.
We saw the Statue of Liberty from here and called it good.
This is made out of Legos. It's so nice to go to the toy store and not have kids.
We visited Ground Zero, which was sad. We saw N.Y. from the top of Rockefeller . We went to Canal St. (at China Town) and I'm sure were close to being arrested for being in a van with counterfeit purses. Scary!

Wicked was absolutely AMAZING. Thank you to John and Setsuko for the birthday gift!!
It was a pleasant get away. Why haven't we done this before?


Jessica Ziel said...

aww I miss New York--I wanna go. And you have the recipe for Cafe Rio salads? You MUST right now give it to me--jkziel@gmail.com. I miss Cafe Rio.

Emily said...

so much fun! someday i'll get to NY... did you miss the boys? c'mon be honest!

lucy said...

you're so funny. No, I didn't miss the boys. Mostly I was relieved that I wasn't anxious for them. Huge step for me.

The Cundick 5 said...

Did you love NYC? I can't wait to go back! I didn't know you saw WICKED!! Did you love it? I can't wait to see it again.....who was in your cast?

lettieb said...

Jealous. Just plain old jealous. :)

Natalie Jensen said...

Looks like a fun trip. Still want to get together next week. My hibby will be in Chicago and I will be bored out of my mind. Any day works for me. Let me know.