Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This April's Conference Pictures

What it would look like if I had four sons. This picture was taken at the mission reunion. Our friend Kara really does have four boys and this is her oldest.
Elder and Sister Evans (Chris' mission president, now general authority)
Besides having Doug's family, we were graced with Elsina's presence and her friends. Since one looked just like Bobby, we had him join in the family picture as a replacement. We miss you Bobby! He's featured at the bottom left. And of course Uncle Quin, Loyd, and Angela are with us as well.
All the men who attended priesthood together featured above. Some are very quick to change back to normal clothes. It's nice that Chris can take along his family.


the narrator said...

haha! my favorite part of the photos is koji hiding and grinning behind chris's legs.

Chris said...

I love having family around. Everyone, thanks for visiting us!