Thursday, May 22, 2008



When I was just a little girl, my mom and I were shopping at Zody's when a another little girl at the end of the isle points to my mom and yells out, "Mira mama, una enana!" Which translates to "Look mom, a midget!" I was mad and stuck my tongue out at her. That was the day I became self-conscious. (She's 4'11)


I make a mean tamale (a Mexican dish), so one day my mom and I made a bunch and went around selling them to people working around town. My mom stopped a couple of Hispanic ladies and asks them in Spanish if they would be interested in purchasing some tamales her daughter made. In Spanish they reply no thanks and the one turns to the other and says, I wonder what Chinese tamales taste like, I bet they're really good! I busted up laughing and we still chuckle about it. We did end up selling them all.


When I was on my mission in Japan, someone informed my parents that my religion practices polygamy. And although I tried to convince my parents otherwise, I realized they weren't convinced when a couple days before my wedding my mom pulls aside my fiance (now husband) and says, "Now, you are only going to marry one wife right?" C was very tempted to say that I was going to be his second but decided it wasn't the right time to play a joke.

A Dreamer

My mom has had some very amazing dreams. After I returned from my mission, my mom and I took a road trip to Utah because a friend from Japan came to the states to go through the temple for the first time. I was honored to be her escort. During the road trip she shared a dream she recently had. She said that we were both walking down two long paths for a while. Eventually she opened a gate to join me and we walked the rest of the way together.


My mom lived with her grandparents for a while during her childhood in Mexico. She was very fond of them and speaks about them with great love. Grandma had gotten sick and she wasn't getting better. Realizing that the end was near, her grandfather put a white sheet over a stick and stuck it on the far end of the yard. As her grandmother got sicker and sicker, the white sheet got closer and closer. Eventually the white sheet couldn't get any closer to the house and one day it disappeared when her grandfather told her that the angels have come and taken her grandmother to heaven.


Leslie said...

Hi Nancy --you look beautiful as ever! I love your posts -- very introspective and thoughtful. You have a great outlook on life. It's great to keep in touch!

Chris said...

Nice post babe :D

The Cundick 5 said...

Yummy, tamales! I agree they are awesome!!!

D said...

Nancy, I found your blog through Shannon. I love insight and humor. By the way, you're always welcome to view my blog. Just curious, what's up with the name Lucy and can I have a copy of your yummy tamales recipe?

Natalie Jensen said...

It is awesome that you are documenting these memories. I am a terrible journal writer. So I copy all my blog posts into a file and that is my journal, for now.