Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yard Work

Today has been really nice. The weather is great. We woke up early to clean up the church. I love seeing the boys work away happily. Both C and I went running/jogging this morning. I did 4.5 miles of uphill, downhill, and flat roads. C went uphill towards the canyon. Ouch!! We're getting ready for the Ragnar Relay that's next month. After which we did yard work. It all felt good.Today after lots of weeding and chemicals, the yard's looking good. (hope the grass doesn't die)

The backyard is wonderfully large and unpleasantly difficult to mow. I leave this side to C.
The peppers, beans, beets, and tomatoes are in. The entire middle section is devoted to Edamame. Next comes the Japanese cucumbers (yummie) and zucchini.

This is the strawberry patch . In the back, finally, the raspberries pick up. And of course the sandbox, even though it was my idea, oh how I despise the sandbox. It turns into a cat litter and the sand ends up every where in the house. grrrrrr

Because last years strawberries, although plentiful, did not satiate our desires for them, C planted yet another patch. thank goodness.

So where are the boys now you ask? A is napping and the other two are shopping with dad. What a perfect day it has been!


angela said...

i was just commenting to Loyd about how nice your yard always looks. I wish i was going to be here to snake some of your strawberries and peas. i hope you put loyd to work this summer :)

Chris said...

Loyd work in the garden? I grew up with him and don't know if I every recall that happening.

Carson Calderwood said...

Very nice. We'll be over to share in the strawberries soon!

Amy-Alisa said...

I covet your yard.