Sunday, May 11, 2008



Excelsior Geyser

Including these, we saw fox and two wolves (a grey and black one). We were hoping to see the grizzlies that some others got a glimpse of.

Old Faithful

Dinner at Q Roadhouse. They bring out a bucket of peanuts before ordering and you throw the shells on the floor. It's great. The food is pretty good but a little spicy for the kids.


the narrator said...


Emily said...

I LOVE yellowstone! SO FUN! I be the boys created some GREAT memories!

Jack said...

And koji didn't blow up from inhaling all that peanut dust in the air? He's definitely come a long way!

Lettie said...

I really like that picture of Chris & Levi in the mist.
You are brave to take your boys to the hot pots part of the park. Those things scared me so bad as a kid.
How fun that you guys saw wolves. I don't think that I ever have there and I still have never seen a bear there (unless I was a little kid).

jkziel said...

you went to yellowstone without stopping--I don't know if that can be forgiven!