Thursday, June 05, 2008

Baby Bottle Warning and Omega 3 Fatty Acids can help hyper kids

Every other month I get a medical news letter from the Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters in Virginia. It seems that every time we go to Virginia I've had to take my kids in for something nasty. So they know me now and send me stuff. The journals have tons of interesting health advice and have a listing of classes to help raise kids. I wish our local hospitals would do the same

One of the topics was titled Baby Bottle Warning. It briefly described which bottles are harmful and what would be a better alternative. Having read that I remembered the countless conversations I've had and heard saying the same things that basically plastics shouldn't be heated or put in the dish washer because of BPA.

But being the lazy person that I can be, I most often stick my baby bottles in the dishwasher and use the microwave to warm milk up in our Avent bottles. Well, shame on me.

After reading more articles about BPA, I started to get nervous about what damage has already been done on my kids. That's the irrational part of me. I also ran out to three different stores to find glass bottles. (I probably should just start weaning my baby off the bottle). I settled on buying them off since the stores don't have them yet. I should of done it a long, long time ago. I'm sad I have to wait for them now.

click on this link.....Walmart will remove baby bottles with BPA

Now that it is fact, more and more stores will be taking these harmful products off the shelf. Lucky for you guys who haven't had babies yet.

On Amazon you get free shipping if you spend $25 on certain products that qualify. So of course, I had to spend the extra little bit, might as well right? So I bought Charlie and the Chocholate Factory for K since he's reading now and of course I had to get something for L too.

I bought him some Omega 3 oil capsules that are kid friendly. Not only are they half the size of those usual horse pills, they have a hint of lemon flavor. Recently I've been having a hard time getting him to take the liquid form (nasty even I have a hard time swallowing) of the healthy fatty acids. In fact, the last time he just threw it up along with whatever else he had eaten.

The reason why I like my kids to take fish oil or flax seed oil is because for K and A it's good for their dry skin and for L it's good for his hyperactivity. They've found that children with ADHD have a deficiency in Omega 3 fatty acids. These supplements help out with that. Now I don't think L has ADHD because we can sit down and read for an hour and he sits through primary. But, he is very active. He goes and goes and goes and eats then goes and goes and goes and eats some more. After I give him a bit of the oil (in juice or mixed in food), he slows down a bit in a good way.

So now I'm waiting for those too. I guess we can all use them. My cousin takes them to regulate her energy levels and to help our with her depression. Now who couldn't use that!


the narrator said...

i didn't notice any mention of adhd in the post, but i'm guessing it was perhaps more descriptive of the over-active paranoia and rapid succession of thoughts reflected in the post as a whole.

jk. luv ya sis.

lucy said...

i changed the article so that it didn't sound so paranoid.

your stuff is out on the front lawn waiting for you

ang said...

is that just for baby bottles or does it include like sippy cups too???

lucy said...

It includes some sippy cups as well. The hard, clear plastic will give you a big hint that it's unsafe. But even some plastic that is unclear contains BPA. If the plastic has a 7 on the recycle triangle that's another sign that it contains it. Many won't tell you what kind of plastic it is. Something like 90% of bottles have BPA. Look for the plastic that isn't clear and hard.

lucy said...

you can buy BPA free sippy cups online for almost nothing. copy and paste the link above.

ang said...

thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mike said...

If you want the full benefit of the omega-3s, you should try to lower the omega-6s they eat. Research shows the ratio between the two is important

Sylvia said...

What brand of omega 3 fatty acids do you like best and where do you buy them.

Chris said...

I have Udo's choice from Good Earth but the guy above said to decrease Omega 6 and this bottle I have has 3, 6, and 9. I'm waiting for the new ones in the mail through I can't remember the name but I'll let you know when it comes in.

Chris said...

oops. that was me Nancy under my hubby's name

BenjaminFamily said...

Hey Nancy! I have been reading your blog for a while, but this is my first post. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts and opinions, especially on Sister Beck's talk, homosexual marriage, passive/aggressiveness, etc.

My question for this post...which brand of Omega 3 do you use? A few years ago, I gave my 2nd child an orange flavored yougurt brand of Omega 3, but it was pretty expensive so I stopped. What do you use?

I'll add some comments on your other thought-provoking posts. Later.

lucy said...

Hey Mr. M Benjamin, glad to hear from you!! Are you going to start posting up some pics of your cute family? estoy esperando que si. i probably slaughtered that. haha

The kind I just bought off of was 14.99 for 100 capsules. It's distributed by Levade management (Health and Body). All it say is Omega-3 Easy to Swallow, Ultra-pure fish Oil, Natural Lemon Flavor. I have no idea why, but my kids beg for them. I just hope they never pop the outer shell by accident and be especially disgusted. They'd never take them again!