Monday, June 16, 2008

Lowly Enough for #53

This past weekend we went camping and fishing. It's nice to have outings like this. Good memories. Chris got off work early Friday so we could get up to the canyons "early." By the second canyon and all campsites were full, images of camping in the backyard came to be. However, the lady up Big Cottonwood hesitantly told us about site #53. She said "I hate to offer this one, it's so bad." But, we must have been lowly enough for her to pull it out of her pocket. HA. It's not so bad to look pathetic sometimes. After checking it out and realizing we didn't have a choice, we took it. She even used her own "Golden Age" card so we could get 50% off. It wasn't bad at all. Most people had campers and RVs there and #53 wouldn't of worked. However, we were just us in a car camping out in a tent and it was just right for our needs. Not picky at all. Everyone around us was kind enough to give us our privacy since we were being hovered by RVs. It was great........And then night came. Annoying generators. Freezing Cold kids. Rock Hard ground. Sleepless night. Gotta love it.


Emily said...

that looks beautiful! I love camping! we should go! we just got a new tent that we need to try out...the sleepless night though, I'm not sure! Maybe we'll stick to the cabin with beds for another year! I do love to camp though!

CUTRER said...

From the photos it looks great! I can tell you that camping is fun untill night time, it's mom who is stay up to keep everyone warm. And in the morning everyone is rested but mom. But like you said the other day "we do it for the kids"

Lettie said...

how fun. Nate was agreeing with you about why tents suck, but I must admit, I really like sleeping in tents!

Christiansen Family said...'s beautiful...where did you go? We need to take our kids camping but don't really know any great places to go out here...any suggestions? I bet the kids had a blast!

lucy said...

emily-- Ward campout next month!! We should play cards, maybe I'll bring a game. Up for settlers?

Lettie-- MOstly the kids need new sleeping bags, we're using the bags that Chris and Loyd used when they were kids. time to throw them out. And I forgot to bring our sleeping pads, now adays they're being used to slide down the stairs. great entertainment BTW

Erin--we went up Big Cottonwood Canyon, the lake is up there as well.There are way better places to camp though. This was just around our house, just a quick get away.

Chris said...

the lake was up emigration canyon...echo canyon resevoir.