Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So last week I went and had my cardio stress test at the hospital after K had his skin prick test for allergies right across the street. They hooked me up to monitors and I got to see my heart. It was so cool. Then they had me run at an incline at 5.5 mile/hr, ouch. The heart murmur is a small one on a minor valve. The cardiologist rated it a 1 on seriousness (the lowest). He said it was eccentric and that basically it is in an unusual place shooting the blood at an unusual angle, so maybe a little bit up on the seriousness. But, other than that everything is in good working order and that the murmur isn't anything to worry about. He even said my blood pressure is really good. And added in that exercise has so many benefits and solves so many health problems. He said that cardiologists of old have admited they have been wrong all along about giving the advice to "take it easy." People with heart issues should of been exercising all along. So there you have it everyone, go work out!

K had his allergy test done with negatives on milk, wheat, soy, and barley. He is allergic to peanuts and eggs which explains his excema. He's been eating those allergens and hasn't dropped dead but does make him have mild excema. He is very allergic to cats and less allergic to dogs but still allergic to them. Yay! Still a fabulous reason to postpone on getting one of those nasty, stinky, creatures that can be so dang cute too! He is also allergic to trees, grass, and weeds. But, a lot of people are.

So far this month we've been to all our well appointment, actually L's is next week. We've been to the allergist, the cardiologist, the dentist, and the dermatologist. Next month our insurance changes. We'll have a deductible now and pay 10% of the bills except for well appointments up to $3000 (after the $1000 deductibles not including copays). All the copays and prescriptions are going up as well. It's still pretty good coverage but we're not use to paying a lick. Spoiled us. While I was registering at the hospital I overheard the lady next to us say to the guy she was helping "you have a deductible that hasn't been met. Would you like to pay the $500 now or later?" That's going to be us!!

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