Friday, July 11, 2008

Missionary Models?............Half Exposed (rated pg13)

I rarely watch T.V. in exchange for my other hobbies. But, since C's out of town I actually watched 20/20 and the news. I was very interested in hearing about a RM calendar (ClicktheRMCalendarwebsite) having sold 10,000 already. The guy who created the business has been summoned to a disciplinary meeting by his local church authorities (Click DisciplinaryMeeting ).

I have mixed feelings about this. I think it's sending the wrong message to people about missionaries. They're not sex symbols but servants of God and are to be respectful and need to be respected. I agree that some missionaries are really good looking and are even more attractive because of what they do, how they're required to look, and how they naturally look because of their spiritual strength. I know my husband was chased as a missionary by ladies in his areas. Some random guy asked me to marry him on my mission. People have met their future spouses on their missions. It happens. On Sunday morning, when my handsome husband, is cleanly shaved and in Sunday dress, he looks exactly how I would imagine him on his mission.....rrrraaaaarrrr. Missionaries are attractive. It's a fact. They're easy to love and dangerously easy to fall in love with or at least have a crush on.

But a calendar? That's pushing it. I can understand why church officials might want to deal with this situation instead of let it go on. It dangerously encourages the bad side of the fact that missionaries are attractive.

I think the guys on the calendar are good looking. The owner may just consider another take on the theme. I get so sick and tired of seeing women exposed on magazines like it's nothing, everywhere. It's nice to see the coin flip. Either they remove all the symbols of what is sexy or they make it equal. Guys need to feel how uncomfortable it is for us women when there's a gorgeous, half exposed model or even more, right there to stare at. How would it feel to see gorgeous men half exposed on those magazine racks you see on your way out the store and how they as average men don't measure up? Feel the pain, baby! Feel it.


Emily said...

yeah, i agree, this guy is totally lame... i mean WHAT was he thinking... oh wait, i guess he wasn't thinking! i cant wait for the "sisters" version to come out!

the narrator said...

My only problem with all of this is that I wasn't picked for the calendar. I would have made an awesome May or July.

lucy said...

You should go audition. It would run along the lines of everything else you do.....controversial ;0)

Angela said...

i want to buy the calendar. hahaha
i think you should take my engagement photos if that time ever comes. i really love your photos. i like the angles you choose and the way you doctor them.

D said...

My sister lives in Vegas and informed me that the guy who's in charge of the calendar got ex-communicated sometime last week. It's apparently big news in Vegas.

lucy said...

I read that on the news. It's too bad. He's just far from where he use to be; he didn't seem to be very remorseful. I guess we get that way little by little as we stray from the path.