Wednesday, August 06, 2008

An Old Man

Bobby is in town and staying with us this whole week!!!! Just as he got settled down yesterday we get a knock on the door. Out of habit I told Bobby to look out the window before opening the door. So the conversation goes as follows:

Bobby before you open the door look out the window

Bobby--after looking out the window--It's an Old Man.

Well, Karate chop him if he does anything suspicious

Bobby--after opening the door--Oh hey, Uncle Ray!!

Uncle Ray--It's just me an Old Man!!!

me--Well, for an Old Man, you sure have good hearing!!!!

Well, the lesson is don't underestimate your senior citizens. We had a good laugh and things haven't changed one bit; Bobby still has a way of being brutally honest and Uncle Ray still as controversial as ever!! After hitting on me, I gave him a good punch and we all chit chatted for a long time. He got a special treat with Loyd, Bobby, and my three boys all being there. Having heard about his first wife and everyone else, I got to know Uncle Ray a little better and know that being called an Old Man would not be too offensive.

So having said that here is a picture of the pavillion that we will be holding the family reunion at. Uncle Ray asked about all of you guys (Loyd and Norma's kids) and wanted to know if you were coming. There will be good food (roasts, BBQ meat sandwiches, Shrimp salad, etc.) We'll also have games and hopefully set up a volleyball net.

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