Saturday, December 06, 2008


Legoland was a blast. Our boys including ourselves had a really good time there. When you don't hear whining, complaining, or any negative thing come out of these boys for the two days we spent there, it gets two thumbs up.

I repeat with an even closer look

Anyone else think this is hilarious or is it just us? notice the vein?

(disclaimer--this was the boys second time on the Technic Coaster; they voluntarily went and L chose to sit by himself)

It cost a pretty penny to get into the park. We decided to get tickets for two days since it only cost an extra $15 per person. It was definitely worth it because the park is only open from 10a.m to 5p.m. This was hardly enough time to get through the park. Having the second day let us enjoy it more fully even though we didn't get to hit all the rides even then. A lucky and great thing was that our 2 1/2 year old could ride on many of the rides. He was right there on the lower limits, 36'. If he were a bit younger and shorter it would not have been fun for him. Lucky for us it wasn't crowded and the weather was great. As we left the park the second day, it started to rain. Good timing.
For both the days, the boys spent about 2 hours each time at the building centers where they get to build and test their cars. Talk about competitiveness!! whoa whoa. Even us parents were trying to beat the fastest car which happened to be K's. No one, not even us could build one faster than his.Is this is Asian thing or what?

The lego creations are set up all over the park. They are amazing and got my kids imaginations going. The first thing they did when we got home from CA. was head to their legos.

If I may give us another even closer look.....
just couldn't resist that look of revolting, horrifying TERROR


the narrator said...


lucy said...

I thought you might get a kick out of this one....I had you in mind when writing it up.

Bobby said...

Oh my gosh.... that is hilarious!!! Everyone at my work is laughing like crazy.

Lettie said...

That picture is the best! And I love the closer and closer look at Koji.

Chris said...

After the first time around, I asked the boys if they wanted to go again. Both responded immediately, L with a "YES!" and K with a "NOOOOOO!" After K heard L's response he quickly realized he couldn't let the little brother show him up and immediately changed his answer to "um ok".

That picture is so awesome!

Ramona said...

Talk about cute kids! I tell you, I think mixed kids should be a requirement. I'm obviously, biased, but they are the cutest!! Chop suey all the way!!

Supergabesmomma said...

Ohmigosh! Frackin' hilarious! I gotta take my boys there.

Jen said...

That was so funny! I must admit I used to be just like L but I think as I get older I am more like K!

Baba said...

awe awe, Kawaisou! But I admire Koji's guts to go again.

lucy said...

Just coping and pasting the messages left on the family site before they get buried and dissapear

Chris chuckles: go to Nancy's website to see a really really funny picture of Koji!

Lauren laughs: that is the funniest picture i have ever seen!
Erica adds: that picture is priceless!
Maren laughs: hahahahaha. Oh my gosh I just laughed so hard at that picture! He couldn't redo that face if he tried. I like that.
Carl chuckles: And look at how much fun Levi is having in the back seat.
Grandma wonders: Is he actually having fun? I think I probably looked like that on a ride in Disneyland and I vowed never to get on another one!!
Susan adds: Me too!
Nancy adds: I don't think he was having fun at the time but we all laugh about it now including K
Elsina adds: HAHAHAHAHA oh I laughed at the picture. So so priceless.

CUTRER said...

How fun the boys looked like the had a blast! I would love to take Mason there

the Heatons said...

That is SERIOUSLY funny...espcially the vein. He's a real trooper.

Marisa said...

My kids want to go there SOOOOOOOOOOO badly!

Erin said...

hilarious! i am laughing out loud!