Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Maybe It's a Girl Thing

When I get a new article of clothing I like to try it on with different outfits. Sometimes, usually on Sundays, I try on a few outfits before I've settled on what to wear. It's very offensive when my manly hubby says something like "you've changed again!" Geesh I'm a girl give me a break. It's what some girls do. Am I right? I'm pretty sure even though I don't have sisters.

Anyhow, I also love to get things on sale. For me, the price tag is what sells me and what gives me a feeling of satisfaction. If I feel like it was a good deal then I am happier with the item sometimes at the expense of quality and perhaps fashion style.

A good and long time friend of mine would purchase a lot of her stuff and kids stuff at second hand stores. She and her kids have a great wardrobe having things from second hand stores and regular department stores. She always gets name brands and I'm always in awe at how cute her kids look. I think the key for her is to go often. I've been with her a few times and don't luck out like she does. I don't bother anymore. Besides I probably don't spend as much on kids clothing as I should.

For a handful of years I disliked shopping (a favorite pastime) because I was either pregnant or wearing a post pregnancy body. But, I'm really enjoying shopping again and so I usually just avoid it. I can't window shop. It's too painful.

I donate to the DI several times a year. And recently we went to the DI to see if they had some picture frames to hang up some of the kid's art work and I saw something cute, tried it on and was very, very, very HAPPY. So I went back once more and for $23 I added the following to my wardrobe.

Gap pants. I was very happy I found these because I lost my favorite pair of khaki pants in Jackson Hole :0(

Express Sweater

Love these white Arizona jeans. Not a spot on them BTW.

abercrombie zip up sweater with hoodie. hmmmm I'm loving it.

Cute clothes, nice price tag.......such a pick me up. Time to clean house!


Natalie Jensen said...

Very cute. I LOVE great deals.

Lettie said...

Dude, With your skinny little body you could wear a garbage bag and be cute.

I love finding good deals at thrift stores. I am so cheap I go when they have sales! I rarely find anything these days. I was closer to your size when I had better luck. You found some cute stuff!

Carson Calderwood said...

Nice. Risa and I love to find deals like that. We have gotten some sweet clothes at Walmart lately and I love telling people that! Glad to see you guys are savvy and confident enough to show your saviness.

Lisa said...

Great finds and prices! It makes me want to go shop at the DI, but without my almost 3 kids! You look cute!

ang said...

very cute!!

Sara C. said...

Great finds! I LOVE the green sweater (I also love those jeans you are wearing with it)! Of course, as was mentioned, you would look cute in anything. Seriously.

Nice update (and gorgeous pictures) on the family as well!

Amy-Alisa said...

DI can be surprising. But taking husband and children along can be more of a headache than otherwise. Nice finds.

Ramona said...

Super cute you are!! I only wish that I was your size, then I'd come and buy your DI bound clothes straight from you and save you the trip to DI!!

Jessica Hughes said...

MMMM sounds like me . Yes I still do this not as often as I'd like but still couple times a month. Great clothes for cheap. Especially boys surf wear. I'm proud of you. nancy!