Friday, February 13, 2009

Some things I love About My Boys

Chris gives amazing hugs and he doesn't hold them back. They're the kind of hugs that completely engulf me with warmth and make me feel safe. When he gets home, he loves for us to welcome him and he is known to have treats ready for us when we do. All of what I just mentioned I don't take for granted. I can't imagine my hubby coming home and not acknowledging us or the other way around, especially not exchanging those simple acts of love.

He's also very warm. It's instantaneous body heat whenever I want. Crawling into my sheets to be welcomed to toasty, comforting, relaxing heaven is soo, soo nice.

And what did he do when he got back from a long and dreary day from work? He joined us for K's Basketball game. He looked so weary and I offered him to stay home and relax. "But, I love being with my family," was his reply. I'm so lucky. Upon our return, the bedtime and winding down begins. Some people might head straight to the t.v. or something but Chris was so kind to clean up our after dinner mess.

K is reading a lot lately. He makes me so proud. He started reading a series called The Secrets of Droon. There are tons and tons of books in this series. He flies through them. Tonight he read for 1 hr and 15 minutes. Granted, he does everything possible to avoid bedtime and I'm o.k. with him reading. I asked him about the books and his reply was "I love them!" He has such a good attention span and is a blessed little boy. One of his teachers said this about him "He is the perfect student and I wish I could clone him." I'm a proud mama. The best time to bond with him is when he's in bed and we can just chat without interruption. He loves this time and becomes the sweet little boy I know is in there.

L is my helper. When I'm cleaning up he is quick to do his part. Even when he was a teeny, tiny tot he preferred throwing out his own messy diaper. If I'm cleaning, he wants to help. Today he asked me if he could sweep the floor. When I clean the hamster's cage, he is right there to help. If I'm vacuuming and I ask him to pick things up, he is done in a jiffy. This isn't always the case. But, boy he is such fresh air in so many respects. There is so much more cajoling and coaxing not to mention drama with hmm, hmmm, I'm not mentioning names.

A is pure sugar. He is the sweetest little thing. He is my pleaser. And always wants to make sure I'm happy. If I ask him to do something and he says no and I respond with a sad face.....he can't have that....he'll be quick to do what I've asked. He looks at me and tells me "I love you" several times a day. He such a cuddly kid and I eat it up. I admire his agreeable personality and he just melts my heart.

Being able to affiliate with the aforementioned people is such a privilege. I have a lot more growing up to do but they've helped me to be a better person in so many ways. I've learned so much about love, showing love, and receiving it from being a wife and a mother.

I remember as a kid having such a hard time making Valentines and writing mushy stuff to my parents. I just couldn't do it unless it was in 3rd person. I know, I know, I'm a freak, Super freak. Not to mention I can't say "I love you" to anyone but Chris and my kids. I know, I know....Super freak, Super freak. But hey, I think there are people just like me out there. I'm not alone in this.

And even though I struggle to do this with certain people, I don't have any problems with my own little family, thank goodness. I also make sure to do it a lot (o.k. I can't help myself) and I'm hoping that my kids will feel comfortable saying "I love you" to us and others they love. The older boys are starting to get a little uncomfortable with the mushy stuff. K won't kiss me on the lips anymore but I'm pretty sure that is normal. (Chris doesn't like kissing the boys on the lips and only lets them kiss him on the cheek. I kiss my kids on the lips). In fact I remember seeing people my age still kissing their parents on the lips and I almost freaked, super freaked.

I thought I'd mention my family of orientation. My younger brother was my best friend for years. We were really close and were inseparable. Since I can remember I always looked up to my older brother and watched his back at my expense. Although we've all gone our separate ways we've always been friends and watch out for each other. It's not unusual that one calls another because of "premonition" and just wanting to make sure he/she is o.k. My parents are good, hard workers. My mom is the affectionate one and my dad is not at all. Although he was the one that would check up on us when we were sick. And I really like how he respects our privacy and doesn't push things on us.

O.K. I think I'm done tinkering with this post.


Natalie J said...

What a nice tribute to your little family. Happy Valentine's Day!

Mishel said...

You're a good woman. You're children are lucky to be loved so much and the same goes for Chris. Oh and so you know - I love you! True story. Happy V-day!

Pam T said...

What a beautiful post, Lucy. I love the sentiment (especially as a I value hugs so much) and love the photos.

Aren't we lucky!

jkziel said...

What a nice lil' post.

I'm joting down the names of the book series K likes.

Isaac is really uninterested in reading.

He does well at it, he's in the highest reading group in his class, but he doesn't love it.

Which makes me sad.

My camera is Nikon D40.

What is yours?

Your pics look great

Jessica Hughes said...

Such a sweet tributer to your valentines. We give hugs and kisses here like candy. Lots of love and warmth. Nice to see your whole family together. I have not seen bro in a while.

Supergabesmomma said...

Cute post! I am in NO way knocking my hubby, 'cause I think he rocks, but Chris deserves a medal! What a nice daddy/husband.

And that is a great picture of your family - it's so cool what a nice mix of your parents you all are.