Thursday, February 26, 2009


Old Jow

K wrote a song titled Old Jow. He makes up his own music on the piano and I asked him to write this one down. This is what he came up with on his own.

He just finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Even I have never read it before. I guess that can be my next read.

Crazy Hair

How crazy can your hair get? I just laughed when Chris got up from laying down and I saw this. It looked cooler/funnier in person....just like a flame. Yeah, o.k. it's not that funny. But it was in real person. You'll just have to trust me.




I can get really addicted to photo editing and be neglectful of other things. I must remember BALANCE.


I'm realizing more and more that poor Chewie may actually not be overjoyed and thankful to be living with us after all.

Earlier today, L was working on this really cool cage for him. He spent quite a bit of time on it. He had a doorway, bedding, and food all ready for Chewie to enjoy. Somehow he got out of it and when I went to catch him he looked weird. REALLY weird, like he had swallowed a couple of eggs kind of weird. I freaked. I thought he was going to explode or something. I put him into his real cage and did an internet search. I found out that hamsters will stuff their cheeks with food if they think that they will not have access to it for a while. When I went to check up on him he looked normal again and sure enough I found a pile of his food that he had spit out, in the corner of his cage.

The poor guy was probably thinking it was a repeat of the last time he was trapped in a dark closet without food and water for 8 plus hours. Here I was thinking "oh cool, L made this house thingy for him and all" when in fact it was another one of his ploys to torture the poor thing.

This was the moment I realized and have come to accept that Chewie is really in survival mode and just trying to get through one day at a time.


And I will relate our nursery experience from last Sunday. It was the worst I've ever experienced. All babies crying at the same time and at different times throughout the 2 hours. One kid booked it like he usually does. Upon his return he wanted his coloring page. When he didn't get it he started throwing hard plastic toys, cars, and even a chair. Who said working in the nursery was the easiest calling ever?

Next week I'm bring my ammunition: Candy. Crying baby? Candy. Runaway child? No problem. We'll lure him back with Candy. Not Sharing? Here have some Candy. Not getting your way? Piece of Cake. I have just what you need.

*Sigh* I guess I need a real game plan.


kimdibb said...

Cute blog Nancy- fun to hear that you are doing well!

Chris said...

I think he called it Old Joy...