Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Grass is No Longer Greener on the Other Side

The previous owners put new sod down before they put the house up for sale. Besides the fact that the ground wasn't evened out before laying down the grass I was grateful the dead grass was replaced.

Even with the new sod, it seemed that every Spring we struggled to get our grass green. It really was greener on the other side :0). Ours would be the last to turn green but it was always this pretty, limey shade.

Over the years, you'd see me standing on the grass trying to figure out the kinks. If it wasn't the issue with limey green grass, it was dead spots, weeds, or bugs. I'd try to water out dead spots for hours while my neighbors watched. I've taken tools and poked holes in the strips that were completely dead. A simple "you've got bugs" or any other hint would have been nice thank you.

I began watching those with green, luscious grass so I could see what they were doing right and here are the things I've learned:

Fertilize in MARCH. March is the key. (We were always, always late on this)

And once again in the Fall

Spread bug killer or grubs will leave dead spots when they've eaten the roots.

Anyone have these suckers? Yup from my own yard....pretty but unwanted.

Chris has found fertilizer with weed killer in it. Yay. It helps out tons.

We still have some weeds regardless and that is when we get on our hands and knees and pick them out with this tool:

I've seen all green grass (without weeds) owners do it; I don't have to be ashamed. There really is no other way.

Don't mow too short. Longer grass keeps the moisture in better.

And this year I've discovered the best secret of all when I saw my next door neighbor tackling his grass with it:

This tool. I comb all the dead grass out. It works like a charm, opens the ground for the fertilizer to sink in. Work?!! least a few hours of it and a few days of physical recovery....totally worth it and a little addicting.

So there you have it: My pretty, limey, green grass (I hope it stays that way). It's darker this year and I love it. Now if I could just get my lawn mower operator to get back in town to mow it.......three weeks in Jackson one more to go. :0)


Chris said...

I actually fertilize it every 4-6 weeks. First spread is fertilizer with crabgrass control, second with weed control, third with bug control. After that, just regular fertilizer...every 4-6 weeks.

I like our yard too! And your lawn mower operator will be home soon.

Lettie said...

I know how to operate a lawn moer. do you need me to come over and mow it for you? Ha ha

Nate is the lawn man around here. Our yard is lumpy, but looks better every year. Thankfully most of our neighbors keep their yards nice, so we don't get a ton of dandelion seeds blowing our way.
I'm impressed you manually rake. I'm not sure how thatchy your lawn it (I'm guessing not much), but we had to rent a power rake last year to try to put a dent in ours. It still needs help, but definitely better.
How come it isn't broadcast super loud that if you own a home 1- you are ALWAYS fixing it and 2 - you need to train to be a master gardener?
I've always thought you yard looks nice, just so you know. :)

lucy said...

power that's an idea. Thanks!

Chris thanks for the info. I knew I was missing something.

Cody said...

I totally hear you on the crabs. They suck! I remember when I first got crabs off this one girl....wait, is that too much personal information?

lucy said...

was that when you took time off from BYU at went to the UofU instead?

Carson Calderwood said...

I bet you guys can't wait for K to be big/old enough to start mowing for when Chris takes his extended trips.

lucy said...

That's what I say it should be more of...vacation.....but it ends up being more work than least that's what he wants me to think.

Chris said...

sorry....i'm too busy to respond to that....

Chris said...


Jessica Hughes said...

Yea it's always funner to enjoy the outdoors when it's bright green and healthy grass. We actually fertilze in nov. Our grass is green all winter and spring then summer sun comes and it barelt survives.

jkziel said...

Our yard needs SO MUCH work. The neighbors probably laugh at us with all of your effots too!