Monday, July 06, 2009

New Blog

I think it might be too much work to resize all the photos on this blog so I've decided to start up a whole new account. Will I regret it? I don't know but I hope not.

Reaching my 1GB photo space limit has made me visit once again why I blog. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject.

After things settled down with my health and I wasn't so stressed out and overwhelmed with everything I slowly started picking up some hobbies again. That part of my life disappeared after I entered the having babies stage. Blogging was a baby step, something that was doable, that I could enjoy and was in the budget.

First of all it was a great way to stay connected with friends and family. Living so far away from most of our family was the biggest reason to start one.

Now, besides being able to stay connected with family and friends, I enjoy sharing ideas, recipes, recent activities, my growing photography skills, and achievements. I try to refrain from complaining, whining, and posting negative things although sometimes it just has to be done. I love that when I look at my posts and pictures on my blog I don't have to hear all the fighting, whining, torture, aggravation, depression that can go on everyday. Why do I want to relive all that and although it's unhealthy to deny it really happens, sometimes it's just best to forget and move on.

Some of my posts may make others shrink in embarrassment for me, others might seem like I'm bragging, and of course there is the judgments that people make about me/us that occurs. And although there are the negatives overall it has been really good for me to express myself here.

I enjoy getting comments and this in some ways has been a way to socialize with one another; it's another way to drop a line and in some ways means you care or are interested in me/us because you've taken the time to visit, read, and then comment.

I love that it is relatively cheap to do. I don't have to buy expensive paper, ink, albums, and all other extras that come with scrap booking. I get to record tidbits of our life to share with family and friends now and hopefully the blog will still be around for my posterity. I would hope so considering how much time I've invested in this online journal. I think that's probably the most expensive part of blogging is how much time it can take and often waste.

I try not to spend so much time doing it and actually try to go and have a life. It's quite the balancing act because I enjoy the blogs that are updated on a regular basis, the most. So what is too much blogging? I guess it's a personal decision.

So as for now, I think, this will be my last post here.


Carson Calderwood said...

I love your guys' bloggin'

Sara C. said...

I am glad you are starting another blog! I thought for a minute you were done with blogging altogether! Whew!

I love reading your blog and looking at the amazing pictures.

The 4th of July pictures are really cool!

Supergabesmomma said...

Oh, wow - didn't even realize there was a storage limit. What is the new blog address? 'Cause I love keeping up on your blog - I blog for the some of the same reasons - I call it the lazy person's scrapbooking (so true in my case!).

D said...

So true about all those reasons to blog...keep us posted on the new blog web address.