Saturday, March 01, 2008

Friday Outting

We took advantage of the day off of school and went to the local science museum. I think everyone had the same idea. There are a lot of kids in this state.
It gets easier to take three little boys on outings as time goes by. I'm learning as I go.
Beautiful LashesThis was a favorite for the boys. I'd love to have one of these in our house. hint, hint. jk hubby, like you already don't do enough for us.
Hanging out with friends makes everything even funner.

The boys loved playing with the water.
This is the best shot of D that I got, sorry Setsuko! I know how adorable this little guy is and how much he misses you guys too.
This activity didn't hold their attention at all but it was a cute shot.
I love having three boys even though I had always wanted more daughters than sons. I've said in the past that I would try up to 5 times for a girl. (I know that's not how it should work). I would love to have more kids even though it's stressful and hard work. I worry a lot, so having more kids would just tack on more worry for me. However, to have a house full of kids is nice. I imagine the future with the grown up boys returning with their wives and kids to visit us. There would be more noise, more activity, and most importantly more to love and live for.
There's my baby. I love snuggling up to this little monkey even though he has cold feet like I do. In this household the two that have nice, warm feet are my hubby and L. They are alike in so many ways. Music to my ears. I love hearing my kids sing. I hope for them to be musical.
The day didn't end here. C and I went out to dinner and a play. Many thanks to C's work for the free date, minus taxes and to our very cool babysitters, Loyd and Angela. Sorry there was no food in the house (slim pickings) but glad the boys were good for you.


emily Redd said...

I love that museum, we should go together sometime. I have a pass so I can get us in free! Anyway, looks fun those are some cute shots of the boys!

Tiffany said...

ok...I thought I knew all the cool places to go with your kids in SLC...where is this place? When you go again, invite me too!

Emily said...

okay, so I'm totally waiting for you to answer tiffany because I want to know where this wonderfully boy-friendly place is!?!

Chris said...

It's at the gateway plaza, I believe. Though, I wasn't lucky enough to be invited, so I'm not positive.

lucy said...

Sorry ladies!!! We haven't had the internet for ages and only periodically get to check things out here. So sorry for not answering sooner. It's at the Gateway. It's the Discovery Museum.