Friday, March 14, 2008

I've been Tagged

truthfully, when I answer these questions, I feel like I am divulging hints to passwords for important things. So, knowing my passwords, I am safe to answer these questions.

1. Two names you go by:
a. lucy
b. my given name

2. Two things you are wearing now
a. blue jeans
b. grey sweater with a hoodie

3. Two of your favorite things to do
a. crawl into bed minutes after my hubby has, when the sheets are all warm and toasty
b. cuddling with my kids

4. Two things you want very badly at the moment
a. a keyboard
b. a guitar

5. Two pets that you have or have had
a. parrot
b. dog

6. Two people who will fill this out
a. sara C.
b. amy T.

7. Two things you did last night
a. gave my hubby a massage
b. sat on the couch and talked

8. Two things you ate today
a. a Big Mac
b. homemade dumpling soup

9. Two people you talked to
a. Kristen
b. Debbie

10. Two things you are doing tomorrow
a. service project
b. working

11. Longest trip taken
a. Merida, Yucatan
b. with my family in a rented RV visiting landmarks and camping

12. Your favorite holidays
a. Christmas
b. Thanksgiving

13. Two favorite beverages
a. virgin margarita with extra salt
b. o.j.

1 comment:

lettieb said...

I just can't even picture you eating a big mac! I don't know why.