Thursday, March 27, 2008

Seeking Sisters in Law

Desperately seeking two sisters in law. If you are interested in either of my brothers in law and are willing to accept some minor flaws, please contact me.

name: Loyd
age: 28
status: student
type: smart and beautiful, prefers liberal Mormon chick with a testimony (but who is not perfect) and who knows how to have a good time

selling points:

intelligent--could walk at an unbelievable 8 months, early talker and reader

still has a full head of hair (is able to manage stress very well or has a relaxed outlook on life)

is able to gain/lose 15 lbs. in a matter of weeks

future professor


is good with kids

isn't fussy about food (so if you don't know how to cook yet, don't worry, he'll eat almost anything).

enjoys playing games (prefers the competitive type that keeps score)

enjoys reading and writing, biking, hiking, camping, snow boarding, and laying out

has a rich collections of books, music, and movies

return missionary from Hawaii (if you can call that a mission:))

studying philosophy

good with computers

heads up on the following:

likes to hang nephews upside down over the toilet

due to being a student, he is poor, but don't worry he has the potential to make money in the future (look at it as an opportunity for you to fulfill your career dreams)

narcissistic (has a club vowing him your favorite Ericson)

is unable to say "I'm sorry" (but don't worry, his older brother, my husband, was the same way and with a few tricks he's a changed man. Let me know when you are ready to talk)

suffering from "middle child syndrome" (still complains about never ever having his own room growing up)

makes monkey noises when seeking attention

is cynical when down

lactose intolerant

Name: Bobby
age: 25
status: student
type: taken (if you have a boyfriend already, he will be more than willing to work with you)


tall , dark, and cute

cute, button nose

has amazing hair

life of the party

very active at church

did I mention cute as a button?

future nurse or doctor

owns lots of books, music, movies, and video games

enjoys eating, hanging out, making friends

is very social

good with kids

can hold down a job

has a large wardrobe and a nice car

heads up:

has nightmares

possible adult onset diabetes

has a hard time saying "I'm sorry" (but like I said, call me when you're ready to talk)

is attached to his cell phone and texting

doesn't wash his hands

baby of the family (spoiled, for example-- last Christmas his holiday was ruined because the dog ate his chocolate)

occasionally smells like dirty socks (at which point the nephews have said "bobby, go home and take a shower, you smell)


Chris said...

AWESOME!!!! but 'cute as a button'?

Carson Calderwood said...

Awesome post. I always try to throw both into the Kristin mix, but she says they are too much like brothers so that won't happen. There are a lot of single hotties here in Seattle. You guys need to take a family trip and come visit!

Jack said...
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lucy said...

Nancy announces: I've advertised that I'm looking for future sister in laws. Please send your single lady friends to my blog for details. (this is all for fun, please don't take offense) rated G

Chris adds: It's a great post, everyone should read it!
Carl gasps: minor flaws?
Bobbie adds: WOE! Trust me. I probably wash my hands more in an hour now than you do in a day! Don't even mess! And that whole stink thing... It was once and I really didn't even smell. I think loyd or you told him to say that. The christmas being ruined thing was cause I had strep throat and I couldn't spend it with the kids like I wanted to. (the dog eating my chocolate just topped it all off) and I am always the first to say sorry. Even more than I need to. I will say though... You are right about the nightmares... Kind of weird. But I am "Cute as a button". At least you got that right also
Katelyn laughs: hahaha! nice. I'll keep my eye out for girls up here...
Katy wonders: about life. I overheard a conversation in a bookstore several years ago that just resurfaced in my mind. One lady said, "My sister has 7 kids and stays home with her children. I was the one who always dreamed of getting married and having children and I'm the one who is single. It's like our lives were flipped and we're each living the life the other one thought she'd have." I don't think we can predict the varied experiences we have in our lives. We simply do the best we can and learn as we go. People say things like, "There's someone for everyone." But, I'm not so sure that's true. Some people go after everyone, and some people are avoided by everyone. ("I guess the new guy's just sick of me...", i.e. Sons of Provo) In other words, what if the person you think is your special someone doesn't like you? Anyhoooo... two lovely young men are up for grabs, and there are lovely young women who are praying every day for a lovely young man to love them, and often "never the twain shall meet". It's a mystery, but we don't stop living and loving just because we don't have the answers to all of our questions. Random thoughts by Katy...
Setsuko corrects: Bobby is just turned 25 years old last month. Nancy, because of that I'll have to reduce your commission by 10%.
Lauren adds: i have an amazing gorgeous fun outgoinggirl that either one can have! i told bobby if he would come down and visit i would set him up with her but he won't come so loyd if you want her she is all yours!
Susan reminds: Lauren that Erica and Shauni don't count because they are actually cousins of Loyd and Bobby.

lucy said...

Bobby, it doesn't help when you admit to everything including the smelly socks. And No, I didn't tell the kids to say that to you. Has it ever occurred to you that "it's only happened once" because no one is as brutally honest as your nephews. Love you Bob. You know I'm just teasing you!!

Marisa said...

SO funny, Lucy! Maybe you'll be seeing a similar post on my blog soon "Seeking Brother in Laws!"

Erin said...

hilarious! great idea to get some ladies for your brother-in-laws.

ang said...

I'm wondering how you do scripture study with your boys. Maybe you could share some ideas??

lucy said...

Hey Ang,

Reading straight from the scriptures at this point doesn't really keep their attention. I'll do a well known verse here or there to make a point and to fortify a scripture story I'm telling them. I like to use the children friendly books the church sells at the distribution center to familiarize them with the scripture stories. I noticed that when I'm animately telling them about a scriptural account they are more willing to listen and ask questions. Using pictures helps. When they get a little older I'm sure we'll be able to study from the real thing. I guess K probably could start. When I asked the kids how we study scriptures, K said "I don't know." Needless to say I don't do this as regularly as I should.

lucy said...

Oh and I can't forget, the Friend. There are articles and activities that help teach scriptural accounts with scripture references. I think they're good enough to count as scripture study.