Monday, July 28, 2008

How we travel

I must admit that life with three little boys is getting a little easier well at least for the getting around part. 2/3 can buckle up on their own and both know how to buckle and unbuckle their baby brother in and out of his car seat. So instead of me breaking out in a sweat before we even leave the garage, I plop down on my seat and wait for everyone to be ready. The older ones get dressed on their own and don't need to be picked up and carried around. So they aren't as physically needy of me which is very nice. It's been a long road to this point and I'm liking this deserved break.

Today I'm sick with a cold and have spent most of the day resting. I told them I wasn't feeling well and to not make a mess. They've been self entertained, A laid himself down for a nap on his own, and they've even fed themselves. As for the not making a mess.........well that didn't happen. But, I can't complain.


jkziel said...

awww what a nice boy to lay himself down for a nap!

I'm loving that Isaac can buckle and unbuckle I only have one to strap down!


Hope you start feeling better.

lucy said...

It's definitely a good stage to be in.

I feel so much better today. I've slept about 24 hours now, so I should. I'm just glad my head and face aren't pounding any more. so with that, I guess I'm back to the daily grind and trying to get this house back in order. Although Chris did the big stuff yesterday.

Mr. Dizzle said...

it's starting to get a little easier huh? Well I guess it's time to have another kid, I think a little sister is in order.

BTW, sorry if I just stole all your thunder from your next big announcement.