Tuesday, July 29, 2008

potty training......What mother would post a picture like this? Shameful!

A has been using the toilet for numero 2 since last November. What a kid! However, while we were in Jackson, he regressed. Then when we came home, same. So we're potty training this week. Yesterday, I took off his diaper (usually only used for number 1) and put on underwear. After the first couple wet messes, he had improved. By the end of the day, there was a pile of wet and semi wet bottoms on the bathroom floor (because that's all I could manage to do with my pounding head) but he's realizing that he can make it before making a mess. This morning same and still doing well.


Lettie said...

I am still amazed that he uses the toilet at all! WE are FAR from that!

Natalie Jensen said...

I hate potty training! Boys are so hard. My 2.5 yr old won't go at all on the toilet. Won't even sit there for more than 1 minute.

the narrator said...

get that boy some fiber!