Thursday, July 03, 2008

Yesterday Continued.........."Rap is Crap"

And lastly, on our way to soccer practice last night, I was trying to find a station to listen to. I stopped on 97.1 to a rap song. I normally don't listen to rap. But, it was catchy and then I recalled a Sunday school lesson we had within the last year where the teacher voiced his opinion..."Rap is Crap." Hello? Earth to Teacher? I'm O.K. with statements like......"Some music is distasteful" or "You'll find bad lyrics in a lot of different types of music." But "Rap is Crap" ????? Ummmm. There may be someone in the room that listens to Rap. Why just pick on one type of music? For a lot of different reasons it was.....Just plain rude. So as I was recalling his lame opinion, I decided to turn it up, turn up the base, roll down the windows, and cruise. (I know I'm a dork but it was fun.)

I was having so much fun when K yells out, "MOM?" "YEAH?" "I THINK YOU SHOULD FIND ANOTHER SONG." "WHY?" "BECAUSE I THINK THIS IS A BAD ONE."

I was not expecting that. I had a good laugh and then obeyed.


the narrator said...

i'm guessing your sunday school president didn't know that president hinckley had run dmc, dr. dre, and saul williams on his ipod.

Marisa said...

I wish someone in my ward sunday school would say that because then I could give them a piece of my mind about the ridiculous overgeneralization of that statement... I'm guessing they've never heard "I'll be there" by Rappin' 4-Tay or "Just the two of us" by Will Smith. I've always wanted to quote that song in Sacrament Meeting just to get a reaction:

"Throughout life people will make you mad
Disrespect you and treat you bad
Let God deal with the things they do
Cause hate in your heart will consume you too"

lucy said...

awesome! thanks for that.

CUTRER said...

Ha ha I am always playing songs that make me look like a dork w/the window down. Have you heard my ring tones? "Solder boy". But sometimes I have to trun it to radio Disney just so I can have my songs an not worrie about the kids in the car.

Shannon said...

Pretty funny...way to rebel.

Angela said...

ahhhhahahahaha! thats the best story in forever! got to listen to those lyrics! oh, but this begs the question: are you already getting so old and out of touch with the young world? hehehehe