Thursday, July 03, 2008

Yesterday Continued...........An Addiction

On Tuesday I left my car to get the emissions/state inspection at the new place they just built by Albertson's. We walked to the pool across the street and played for a couple hours. We came back to the place having passed with flying colors, and leaving with a free six pack of Mountain Dew, a carnation, and a discount. Highly recommend the place. I've never liked Mountain Dew before but all of a sudden I couldn't get enough. I had one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner yesterday, having been in the hot sun all day. It was great. So this morning I go looking to see if there's another can left. I think I have an addiction. Thank goodness I'm too cheap to buy this stuff.


the narrator said...

buy shasta's moon mist. it's much cheaper and tastes just as good.

jkziel said...

stop before you become a complete full blown addict--as I sip my Sunkist soda (which yes has caffeine in it) at 7:30 am!

the narrator said...

actually, most Sunkist (and Barq's root beer) in Utah are non-caffeinated.