Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Here are some pictures of life in August when I remembered to bring my camera. There was so much I didn't get to capture. I don't want to forget the moments and this thought of not remembering the details helps me to want to be better about taking pictures. We did a lot of soccer. K's team had a 2 week break all year and have been hard at it since winter. L's had a couple games and practices. He's definitely a four year old. He hangs out in the net quite a bit. He's with a bunch of 5 year olds that have played one year of soccer now so he's not getting a chance at the ball unfortunately. He's a great runner and has a lot of potential. As for now he's being my funny 4 year old. We went camping with the ward and stayed up way too late playing games and keeping our poor neighbors awake. The boys played a lot with sticks and stones and of course with their Legos. Chris has done well this past year at work and we're happy with the result. We've been training for a triathlon, my second, Chris' first. And I've been training as well for my first marathon. We had an Ericson family reunion and met lots of people I've never seen before. We spent time with Chris' parents who came down to help Loyd with his big move to sunny California.


CUTRER said...

Nancy your mom is so cute, How did L do with the soccer team this year? I hope that all is well do you know if someone moved into the house yet?

lucy said...

Yes, we got neighbors. I haven't seen much of them but I believe they're from California. I probably should be heading over there soon! That is Chris' mom. She has aged well. I hope I can do the same!