Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm getting excited and anxious about the marathon on Saturday. I've been trying to work out the details for the last few days trying to get the kinks out of everything. I think I've been overthinking it because I had the following dreams last night:

That I was at the race ready to go and realized I didn't have my race bib on and the time they were handing out the bibs and timing chips was past.

The following two have to do with triathlons but nevertheless I had them

That I was about to jump in the pool and realized I had forgotten my swimming suit so I was going through all the lockers trying to find something to wear, in a panic.

That I was ready to start the bike and I forgot my helmet so I grabbed someone elses with the intention of returning it later.

Things I've done to get ready:
Got new shoes, my old ones were giving me grief.
Got jelly beans for carbs for the second half of the race.
Got tons of music from the library and have been adding new songs onto my shuffle. Let me know if there's a song you think is good to run with.
Found a place to stay the night by Logan so I don't have to do the drive the day of.
Since my last long run, I've run 15 miles (training on hills as well) and am hoping to put in another 10, although resting sounds like a good plan as well.
Went over the course


Things I'm still trying to decide:
What to wear ( I hear it's pretty cold up there and the altitude is much higher than here)
Whether to hold a waterbottle in my hand like I've been doing on my training runs, wear a belt with waterbottles (which I've never done before), or not have anything and rely on the aid stations for hydration. hmmm what to do.


Emily said...

I don't know about the water bottle because as you know I am not much or a runner but I for sure want to wish a big GOOD LUCK! I am a HUGE admirer of all marathon runners. You will do great and I think you are so great and so amazing for doing this. Good job!

Sara C. said...

Best of luck!! I love to listen to the new Coldplay album when running, it's my fave. Reed also likes Shakira.
I am so amazed you are doing the marathon! You continue to inspire me! Reed just did his half ironman on Sat. and it was really hot, 86 degrees during the run. He said sucking on ice chips kept him going. And the occasional Pepsi for a rush.

lucy said...

Pepsi? Wow, that's an idea. Maybe I should run with a can of pepsi in my hand.