Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My kids

My kids have a way of keeping me humble.

I was trying to sing along with my ipod when K says "Wow, you sound like an Indian." I'm assuming he's talking about the chanting at Pow Wows. If you haven't had a chance to hear the drumming and singing, it might be worth while. Then you'll know what I sound like when I sing without being able to hear myself.
I had sat down after working out and asked A to give me a kiss. He replied "Ewww, YUCK!" He'd never done that before, I must have smelt and looked pretty bad!

The other day L says to me "You look like you have a baby in your tummy." I'm not pregnant either. At the ward walk about, he looks at the Bishop and says, "You don't have any hair, I see that." We laughed, uncomfortably. Guess I need to work on our candidness.

L asked Chris to do something for him when he was busy so Chris asked him to ask me. He replied, "NOOOO, all she does is sleep and play on the computer." Wow, so not true but that's how he perceives me. I had a nice talk with him about that comment and made sure he knew all the things that I've done and do.

I was dancing because that's what I do around here sometimes, when A asks, "You Running, mom?" heehee. I look like I am running when I dance. just fabulous. Oh, how my kids remind me of how uncool I am.


Carson Calderwood said...


Cheri said...

Is that running/dance move from the eighties? I had a move like that at the middle school dances. Sweet!

CUTRER said...

How funny! J would come home from school and say what have you done all day? I said what do you think, he responed " Watch tv"!!!! Realy come on. R is always a lady telling me "mommy you look pretty" I could be wear a garbage bag and she sweet. M Just looks at me laughs

VAgirlinUT said...

Hee, hee, hee - that just cracked me up so much. Kids are awesome. They like to keep it real, that's for sure.