Sunday, September 07, 2008

School Lunch

K had his first hot lunch on Friday. He said he had pizza. Of course I was like "Just Pizza? No fruit or veggies or juice?!!" My thoughts included.....what a unhealthy........I didn't get my money's worth.....Just pizza. I was so disappointed. But then he said. "And milk. CHOCOLATE milk. And I drank every drop. It was sooooooooooooooo GOOD!"

Well, I'll be darned. A couple years ago, pizza and chocolate milk would have been a deadly combination for K with all his food allergies. If I would have known he was going to have chocolate milk and pizza, I would have been panicking around noon last Friday. I'm glad I didn't know and so now I know he can have chocolate milk and that he actually likes it. What a relief and what a happy Friday it turned out to be. Life's little pleasures and to think a few years ago I was panicking about scenarios just like this.


Jen said...

That sounds just like me!! I mean exactly! I always quiz the kids on what they ate and why they didn't add all of the other good fruits and veggies to it. Jake told me the other day he had the best chocolate cake with his hot lunch. He said it had "brownish gray frosting" Yuck!

the narrator said...

if koji eats a lot of anything, you should be happy