Sunday, September 07, 2008

Top of Utah, Logan Marathon, September 20th

I had been contemplating doing a Marathon for a few months before finally committing myself to it. My second half marathon was a stepping stone to the more rigorous long runs. I thought it would be cool to run one and since I'm at this point why not work a little harder to reach the next point. My rationale was that I'm in the most shape I've been in a long time and there may not be another opportunity.

The day came to register and I was seriously going to change my mind (training takes a lot of time and it can be costly physically and fiscally) when I looked at my calendar and saw that Chris would be out of town for 8 weeks in September and October. He would be home the first week in September and the last week in October, starting his business trips the last week in August. For my sanity, I decided to write the check out and register. I would not have committed to it if I didn't think I would be able to manage a training schedule but since Chris is home on the weekends, it's perfect for my long runs. He's home this next week so it'll be a very nasty week of running. And I only have to run with a jogging stroller for the week before the race, strength training, right?

Life as a wife and a mother has been really hard for me. Many times I've felt like I was sacrificing my life away and bitterly revolving my life around my husband's career and goals. Looking back I realize I've felt that way only when I'm down and not myself. Although I have and am in many ways sacrificing so much of myself for this little family, I realize that this is my true happiness. Thanks to this lifestyle we've chosen and have had the opportunity to live, I'm living a full life and hope for a fuller future.

For many years, I was so focused on kids and being pregnant or postpartum whatever, I was in survival mode and putting on a happy face for everyone else. So, it's nice to do something for myself, pick up a few hobbies and do more than just survive another day. My husband often suggested I pick up a hobby. But, I couldn't get motivated and get myself to do any more than I was already doing especially on the teeny, tiny budget I had to work on. I really felt maxed out. But, over the last couple years, things settling down with the boys and my health, I've been able to come out of my shell a little bit. I've actually got my motivation back (well some of the time). And I'm feeling more myself and wanting to do more for myself. Granted, most of my time revolves around everyone else around here but it's really nice to do one or two things for ME.

so with that here is what I ran this summer and what I hope to do in the next 13 days

9--Prov0 half Marathon, 13.1 miles (2 hours 15 minutes)
15--6.5 miles
18--5 miles (50 minutes)
23--16 miles (2 hours 40 minute)
30--18 miles (3 hours 30 minutes)
1--5 miles (50 minutes)
5--6.5 miles (65 minutes)
6--10 miles (2 hours 15 minutes, just wasn't feeling it)
planned Runs (I'm hoping to stick to it)
8--5 miles
9--20 miles
12--6.5 miles
13--10 miles
15--5 miles (with jogging stroller, Chris out of town)
17--5 miles (with jogging stroller)
19--3 miles (with jogging stroller)
20--Logan marathon
Since I typed this post
8--didn't happen
9--20 miles (about 4 hours 7 minutes, darn those bathroom breaks and the uphills)
12--5.5 miles (with hills)
13--5.5 miles (with hills)
15--5 miles/50 minutes at gym
I decided to rest the rest of this week and not do any more runs. I've worked out my feet issues and just making sure I'm good to go.
I would love to come in under 5 hours. At my pace, there is a good chance, I won't. But, I will be happy if I can get to race day uninjured and get done knowing I gave it my best shot.


the narrator said...

good luck!

now don't you wish i were around still to watch the boys so you could run?

lucy said...

YES!!! We recently had to pay for babysitting after you left. Ouch!

jkziel said...

you are my hero!

Lettie said...

I am impressed and jealous. Good luck with your training (I hear that training is worse than the race itself!) and good luck when you race.

Carson Calderwood said...

Good luck. When you're running think of me and that I would rather remove my toe nails than run a marathon.

lucy said...

heehee. Did I mention I've lost plenty of those since I started running? Yup, I have a few toe nails that have gone missing. No one mentioned to me that this happens when you have long toe nails and are running.

The Cundick 5 said...

way to go Nancy, if you need help with your boys I am just a phone call away :)